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The Wonderous Ivory Soap

Updated on November 14, 2015
Ivory Soap is a part of my family's life
Ivory Soap is a part of my family's life

The Many Uses of this Soap

You may think it's just for washing up in the sink or bathing in the shower, but there are a few other uses too...

I think it's important to mention that there are now ivory gel soaps now also but that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about the bar version. I started getting it because it's the most natural one around. Most others have so much junk in them, and sometimes the fragrance is too powerful. Not only that, sometimes the other soaps may be very expensive. The nice thing about ivory is that it's probably the cheapest one on the shelf. And it's on the shelf of all the big stores too.

Here's some of the great uses besides normal hand washing and bathing:

1) removing clothing stains

2) removing a stain in the rug

3) use it for furniture stains

4) teeth brushing

5) teeth whitening

Cleaning Stains with IvorySoap - Its Better than Expensive Laundry Detergent

Cleaning a stain: Just like getting a lather up when bathing, do the same rubbing it into the stain. Rub until you see the stain starting to disappear. Then rinse or submerge in water. Ring out, and wah-lah!

Brushing Your Teeth

Teeth brushing - put a bar in a container, even half of a bar if you want. Get some water on your toothbrush and run across the soap bar a few times. Begin brushing; you'll notice that lather form. If you do this consistently you'll notice you're teeth getting whiter.

I use Ivory Soap for my child as well

Great for hand washing, cleaning up stains on clothes..
Great for hand washing, cleaning up stains on clothes..

Five Recent Uses in our Day to Day Lives

Here's a couple examples:

1. On a recent trip to Canada, at my parents house we had a house filled with kids running around. My son who was running at top speed from the kitchen to the family room, fell and hit his nose. Not only did he bloody his shirt but he got stains all over mom's shirt too. Luckily my parents use ivory too. - we had ivory in the upstairs bathroom. I cleaned the two shirts and you couldn't even tell that there was a stain in them to begin with.

2. Not only am I a regular coffee drinker but my wife has even told me "my teeth look like corn kernels" :( . What I can tell you is that my teeth are whiter, and no more corn kernel comments!

3. We ordered pizza as we always do on a Friday Night. My sister in law enjoys blue cheese and hot sauce when she eats her pizza. My son was getting onto the couch and she reached over to him and bam...a splatter of blue cheese and hot sauce. She ran to get oxi clean to clean the light beige carpet. During the 10 minute scrubbing session, my husband mentioned to her at least 2 times....Jess just go get the ivory soap. Finally after 10 minutes, when the stain did not come out, I grabbed the ivory soap and rinsed out the carpet. I remarked to my family, I think the carpet looks newer after we cleaned it.

4. My son smashed blueberries on the tablecloth during snack time. Ivory helped to get the blue purple stains out.

5. My son vomited on our carpet after eating something that did not agree with him. Again we grabbed the ivory soap for his clothes and the carpet. I also put some ivory soap pieces right into the washing machine to clean his clothes.

Do You Use this AT Home?

Do you use Ivory Soap in your Home?

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My Most Recent Purchase on Amazon

Ivory Original 16-Count: Bath Size Bars (4 Oz), 63.4Ounce
Ivory Original 16-Count: Bath Size Bars (4 Oz), 63.4Ounce

Here it most basic buy on amazon. Definitely one of my most important buys because I use ivory soap on a daily level.


PURE, SIMPLE and CLEAN - used in in our house many times a day

We use three types of ivory in our home. We use Ivory Soap Lavender Wash, Ivory Dish Detergent, and most of all we use the Ivory Classic Bar Soap. That is by far the most utilized on a day to day basis. From everything to cleaning stains off of clothes, brushing teeth once in a while, hand washing and cleaning the house.

Their Slogan: Keep it Simple Pure and Clean

What Type of Soap Does You Buy at Home

What Brand of Soap Do you Use?

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Facts about Ivory

  • 99-44/100% PURE
  • Contains no no heavy perfumes, creams, or dyes
  • According to Wiki Pedia, Ivory bar soap is whipped with air in its production and this soap floats in water.
  • According to Wiki Pedia, the ivory soap bar contains: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate, water, sodium chloride, , magnesium sulfate, and fragrance
  • The ivory soap bar had a pH value of9.5.

The Soap You Need if You have a Small Baby at Home

The Old Ivory Soap Design

I Had To Clean My Rug

So we noticed these spots on our rug? Hmmmm, what were they? It was actually the living room carpet. Now, that carpet extends into the bedrooms. A throw rug you can replace, not your carpet; at least easily and on the cheap. I think you know what I mean.

The carpets out there, as well as the different carpet cleaners, are riddled with chemicals. This is a great job for the Ivory. So I went to work (actually it's not even much work. I got a small sponge and a little lather of the soap, and presto spots eliminated...

A few months later the spots were back? Well we found out that it was a frog getting in. We sealed up the area where it looked like he was coming in, and I got the ivory soap again to fix the stains for good.

We Keep A Bar Of Ivory EVERYWHERE!

So, not only is it in the shower, or at the bathroom sinks, but I have it in the kitchen and at my utility sink near the garage.

The one in the utility sink really came in handy when we found some mold on the bottom of a mixing bowl. A little Ivory and a junk toothbrush for scrubbing, and that was clean.

Oh yeah, a bloody nose dirtied up some close. That's alright, have no fear, Ivory soap is here. Some scrubbing and it took care of that too.

Do You Use Ivory at Home?

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