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The new fad taking selfies

Updated on May 16, 2017

The New Fad taking Selfies

Have you heard of the term "Let's take a selfie"? I am sure everyone has heard of the term "Let's take a selfie" which has now turned into the new fad. Either they have heard of it, or they take selfies themselves. Isn’t there a question behind taking a selfie? Why do people take them what is the point? Taking a selfie is just another tool to upload yourself online, isn’t it? Taking selfies has become limitless, whether it be a nice picture of yourself or a funny picture they are taken all the time in limitless amounts. The point of selfies is for people not just girls although more girls take selfies then guys, but it’s not just them. Celebrities started taking selfies first, so it has become something for all of us to do. Why is that? Well if a celebrity is taking it, then we should too so that we can be like them. At least that is what people think and that is why we take selfies now. They might make us famous like the celebrities that take them or that is what they think.

Some people take so many selfies that it has become and addiction is that what taking a selfie was meant for? No taking a selfie is meant for you to take pictures of yourself, but not in excess so that you annoy the people you send them too. When you send, a selfie or post a selfie it is on the internet forever, as is everything else that you post there. If you take a selfie what do you take a selfie of? How many times do you take a selfie? People will probably laugh at these questions because they take selfies all the time, or you might not take selfies at all. How annoying is it to just take a silly picture of yourself, or to take a picture of yourself in general and post it onto the internet, or share it with your friends.

Sometimes people are on their computers or going out with friends but before they even do that they have to take a selfie and let people see it. Some people take a selfie of everything that they do. Why do people need to do that? Is it because they want people to see everything that they do and comment about it. Is it so that the person taking the selfie gets recognition? If you take selfies of everything that you do, are you trying to show off? Do you take selfies to make yourself feel better or are you just taking them because everyone else is?

These questions you have probably never asked yourself, but maybe the next time you take a selfie you will ask yourself the question. Why are you taking the selfie are you smiling or making a silly face? Why are you making a silly face, what is the point, are you trying to make people laugh and why would you do that with a picture of yourself? Have you ever taken a selfie and what did you think after you took it? I have taken a few selfies, but I don’t even like to call them that, I just sometimes will take pictures of myself to send them to a friend. The pictures that I take, are pretty pictures, in my opinion, I am not sticking my tongue out or screwing up my face just to make someone laugh.


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Why Selfies?

If I do take a selfie it is once in a blue moon, I don’t take them all the time. Sure I do have snap chat on my phone but I barely ever use it. I find it annoying and boring why would you take a stupid photo of yourself and snap chat it to someone, why not just take the photo and text it, it’s the same thing isn’t it? Well, I guess that depends on who you ask, some people like to take selfies and others hate them. I am one of those people, who will take a picture or selfie if you want to call it that every once in a blue moon and send it to a friend or post it to Facebook. The pictures I take of myself, though are nice, I am always smiling I am not sticking my tongue out and making myself look stupid. Why would I want a picture like that out on the internet? Better yet why would anyone? I think the point of taking selfies is in a way taking pity on yourself, and letting people see it. That is what I think the point of a selfie is but that is just my opinion. What do you think the point of taking selfies is?

I don’t like drawing attention to myself I think that is another reason the word selfie was invented and that is why people do it. I don’t like it so I don’t do it, but others do and I know that I just want to figure out why what about you? Do you think that selfies is a new fad or has it been around for awhile? I am not that big into it but others are, why do you think that is? Are you one of the people who take a lot of selfies? Do you think that taking selfies is a new fad or has it been around for awhile? these are the questions that run through people's heads the ones that don't take selfies that often anyway.

Selfies are taken in limitless amounts by the people who take them. Half the time if you are taking a selfie you are making a funny face in the picture anyway and what is the point in that, why would you want to take a picture of you making a funny face and post it on social media? At least that is how I look at it, If I am going to take a picture of myself, it is going to be a nice one, not something where I am sticking my tongue out or another silly thing. That is why I don't like taking selfies, and the fact that arms are too short to make it look good anyway. But I know other people enjpy it and there selfie pictures look good I am just not a good selfie picture taker which is why I avoid it.

One of the only selfies I took
One of the only selfies I took

Why take pictures of yourself by yourself?

With cell phones being the thing people use these days to contact their friends and family and use as a camera. Selfies are a thing of the future, since most of the time you don't have someone with you when you want to take a picture of yourself so you do it yourself, and that is called a selfie. Almost everyone does that now because they want to capture the great moments in their lives that they experience, or they want to take pictures of their outfits and for the most part they are alone doing that. I usually only take selfies of my outfits when I am going out. Sometimes I will take a workout selfie but nothing else.

What do you think the point is in taking selfies? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree with you, as I mentioned in the hub I don't much like taking selfies , although now with snap chat taking selfies is essentially all most people do to carry on conversations. I have just recently gotten into snap chat more so I do take a few more selfies then I used too, when I first wrote this post but I still don't like it much.

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      I think "selfies" are a new cultural fad based on the ease of accessing a camera and increased focus on the self. Selfies are not a new thing - they've evolved from self portraits. Say Anything starts with what is essentially a selfie. Personally, I don't have access to my front camera anymore, so selfies are no longer an option for me.