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Be a blessing and donate your crochet items to charity

Updated on February 6, 2015
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Mary's hubs are inspired by her many hobbies and love for the Lord. She loves writing, art, photography, crafting, and being a grandmother.

My 5 Newbie Crochet Owl Baby Caps pattern by: Repeat Crafter Me
My 5 Newbie Crochet Owl Baby Caps pattern by: Repeat Crafter Me | Source

Make these adorable Owl Baby Caps today!

I have been crocheting for many years now and just love this easy to do hobby. It’s so fun and you can do it practically anywhere. I have actually crocheted down the road in the RV when we are on long trips. You can get so much done, when we you are just sitting, or watching a movie. To me this is the best time to get those projects completed. I guess you can say it’s multitasking, because I still can keep good track of what I am watching.

Besides creating some adorable baby caps and booties for family and friends, lately I have been donating and selling some to the local hospital. I also donated a few to the local pregnancy care clinic, which helps less fortunate single moms and their newborn babies.

So wherever you want to donate your crochet projects, just do it. Today, start crocheting some of those projects you love to do and donate them to the less fortunate or a charity of your choice, you are going to be so blessed if you do.

Seattle Seahawks Crochet Baby Cap
Seattle Seahawks Crochet Baby Cap | Source

Get creative and crochet your little heart out!

I have crocheted some baby newbie caps in the Seattle Seahawks colors and even added a pom-pom at the top and the team logo. I sold a few of those in the hospital and they loved them, they sold right away to grandma’s purchasing that first baby gift for their first grandchild. Some of the other adorable caps I just donate, but believe me all of them are appreciated.

Blue and white crochet baby cap
Blue and white crochet baby cap | Source

Good luck and have fun crocheting those baby items!

In conclusion, I want you to know that there is no greater joy than being able to make a mom smile when she places that cap on her newborn baby for the first time. I also pray over those baby caps, that God would always protect those babies and that they would grow to know Jesus in their life. I believe that is also important because prayer is so very powerful and those babies will need all the help they can get in life – Amen.

I am also attaching some helpful links to some of the patterns that are available for “free” for you to use to donate these projects. I have found that you can take a pattern and use different colors and add your own embellishments, and they turn out so unique and cute. I also add buttons and even the logos like on the Seahawks caps.

This hub was written to hopefully encourage you to bless others by donating your finished newborn caps, blankets, booties to an organization in your area. I hope you will think about it and start that first project right away. It will be a blessing to you and those who need them so desperately.

Cheers and happy crocheting!

Hot pink crochet baby cap
Hot pink crochet baby cap | Source
Light Lavendar with white flower baby crochet cap
Light Lavendar with white flower baby crochet cap | Source

Here is a video to help you crochet a cute baby cap

Would you donate your crochet or knitted items to Charity this year?

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Would love to know if you crochet and what you love to make!

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