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The use of GIF animation in the information space

Updated on April 11, 2016
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Attractive GIF animations for customers remains at a high level, the animated image does not require a long viewing as the video clip. Animation GIF is supported by almost all sites on the Internet, unlike a video, an animated image is significantly smaller than video. The use of GIF animation in advertising to attract users is an effective method of Internet marketing. And less labor-intensive than video.

The basics of creating a GIF animation. Remember how in school on boring lessons doodling in notebooks of different faces? And then, quickly flipping through the pages, made these faces animate. And from boring sites, the eyeballs stuffed tedious, but very necessary information. Now, if there is also add a few grimacing faces! It's feasible if you use a gif animation: GIF Format (Graphics Interchange Format) was developed specifically for intranet sharing bitmaps.

In the recent past he was the main format for images placed in the web space. Key features of the GIF format: the Ability to save images in 2. Lightweight image – it was perfect for the initial stage of development of the world wide web when the speed of the Internet connection was far below today's standards; Graphic formats in GIF are stored row by row, keeping only a certain color range (2. This is one of the 2. Support for animated objects. The last item of the list and served as a new impetus for the popularity of this graphics format.

ANIMATION. The animation is artificial the representation of motion by displaying a sequence of images or frames.. Animation, animated pictures - page 1 Ads by Google. This is interesting. Today I look.. Animation in advertising., category: 'Interesting' . Animation is widely used in various spheres of life, and in marketing and advertising it is very popular.. GIF - animation enters new territory - email-messages - and In letters GIF animation has found wide application. Marketing and advertising. A guide to raising publications with GIF animation. Help
advertising — Computer. Russian. About ads · Pages · Ads Manager · Power

Create gif animations compared to the more modern flash technology has several advantages. Chief among them was the lighter weight of a graphical object. Therefore, the new scope of the gif animation was the creation of advertising objects on the Internet. Now GIF-based built a large part of the context and teaser advertisement on the Internet (teasers, banners). GIF animation allows you to create one graphics object consisting of two or more images (frames) arranged in a certain order.

The animation occurs by changing with a predetermined sequence and frequency. While most often used the cyclical repetition of animation frames. Thanks to a few images is completely removed restrictions on the use of only 2. This is due to the fact that each of the drawings may contain your palette. Reduction of the overall weight of the animated object is also achieved by the use of transparency, when there is only a partial change of the next frame relative to previous. In the next frame draw only the changing part of the image.

The rest can be set transparent, and for display use initial static frame. A bit of practice. But all this is theory, and it would be desirable in practice to consider how you create animations in the GIF format. We had foreseen this and prepared a little master - class on creating animated banner. To demonstrate let's use a specialized graphic editor Easy GIF Animator. Training of Dispatchers EDDS here. Experience shows that most of these programs have similar user interface and functionality. Therefore, the following procedure will not differ much from how to make gif animations in other similar image editors.

Went: On the start page of the program we are asked to select the type of task that need to be addressed. We will use the "services" built-in wizard to create the banner. To do this, click on the "Create animated banner": In the next step specify the size of the future banner. You can use the default values, but we introduce the parameters length and width of the object: Then we set the banner's background. As the fill style gradient selected, set its type and primary colors: In the next window of the wizard, we type the text to display, set its size, font, and color. From the drop-down list, choose the animation effect at the time of the appearance of the text and his disappearance.

And set the time. Note that in this way you can adjust the effects of several phrases (up to three). They are located on separate tabs ("Text 1" "Text 2"): Before create gif animations, you only save the banner file in the required place. And what is proposed to make the following window: After you close the wizard and save the banner before us the working application's interface. Please note that on the left of our frame-by-frame animation presented. And each frame can be edited separately: Link for downloading the archive with "full-length" the original will be given at the end of the article.

A guide to raising publications with GIF animation. Help on advertising — Computer. Russian. About ads · Pages · Ads Manager · Power.

And here is a static preview of what we've got: How to make animations from video. The basics of the process, we slightly investigated.

Now we will try to learn how to make gif animations from video. The essence of this procedure is that you first need to "pull" video from single images. That is, to decompose it into shots. Of course, you can do it manually by saving the desired frame in the media player (fortunately, many of them do).

But it is better to use a special program to extract video frames Free Video to JPG Converter. As you can tell from its name, it saves video footage into images in JPG format.

The application interface is simple to understand. Therefore, we will not dwell on its detailed description: After video processing utility will save photos in your specified location.

Fit all images for future animations will have to be done manually using any graphical editor. Best of all, if it is Photoshop. In the next step we again go in Easy GIF Animator.

By using the tool "Insert image" is added as a frame snapshot from the video. Then you need to set a delay for each animated frame.

And then save GIF animation to file: to Facilitate this entire process, if you use the built-in "Master of animation". It is available in the program via the menu "File": Now I'll demonstrate that in the end turned out us.

I hope your creation will be not worse, and even better below: the Distinctive feature of the program Easy GIF Animator is its focus on the sphere of web development. The application allows you not only create animated banners, but also to generate for them a simple hml code to insert. This feature is available via the main menu item "Tools": I Hope that after this extensive tour, you know the power of creating gif animations. If not, then try to hand - make some cool banner or a small animated button to place on your website.

Use GIF images for your website, and users will love it!


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      2 years ago

      The article is good, but the animation still needs to be able to do. and to do quality animation still problematic


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