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Three Most Common T Shirt Printing Types

Updated on April 10, 2015

T Shirt Printing Is Barely Limited

Diversified And Specialized T Shirt Printing

There are many types of t shirt printing services available in the market today. Each type is capable of making printed girls’ t shirts, printed kids’ t shirts and printed men’s t shirts – even printed hoodys or printed promotional clothing . Each type has its own pros and cons and each type has its own specialty niches. These niches are the classifications wherein they best fit. In this article we are going to discuss some of these types and find out which niches they best function for.

T Shirt Screen Printing

Common T Shirt Printing Types

There are three t shirt printing types which are used the most. One is screen printing, direct to garment printing is another and also heat transfer printing. These three t shirt printing types are the most commonly used among all of the t shirt printing methods. Screen printing is done basically by using, quite obviously, a screen which filters the ink into the areas that are meant to be printed upon. Non-permeable material is used to create a stencil which is the negative of the intended image. The ink then seeps only into the areas without the permeable material, therefore creating a controlled outcome. This is the most common of all t shirt printing types and is easily the choice if you plan on mass producing printed t shirts or screen printed sweatshirts, for example. This is because the stencils can be used over and over again, making it perfect for repeated productions.

Another common t shirt printing type is the Direct to Garment Printing. This is done like how a conventional ink jet printing is done. Just like the way paper gets printed on by a normal inkjet printer, the t shirt also gets printed on directly by a specialized printer to create the image. The advantage of this method is that it has more color variations than t shirt screen printing and it has a faster turn around time.

The third most common t shirt printing style is the heat transfer printing. This is done by using heat to transfer an image from a carrier paper onto the fabric of a t shirt. Heat pressure is applied onto the carrier paper to transfer the ink from the surface of the paper to the surface of the t shirt. A common way to do this is by ironing a carrier paper for a certain period of time until the ink gets transferred to the shirt.

T Shirt Printing Matches The Garments They Print

Choosing The Right T Shirt Printing Type

Choosing the right t shirt printing type depends largely on the kind of product that you want produced and the number of t shirts that you want produced. Each t shirt printing style can cater to a specific need. If you want to do a large production, then screen printing or heat transfer printing is probably best for you since it does not particularly cost too much. If you need a small number of t shirts done with very high quality images then the DTG process is best for you. With t shirt printing, you will always get what you want how and how much of it.


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    • bar-cloth profile image

      bar-cloth 11 months ago

      awesome...nice share article

    • profile image 4 years ago


      I would like to know if you do sell or can order blank t shirt,Let me

      know the pricing on them and how soon you can get them when payment is


      Any of this Brand: Fruit of the Loom,Hanes,Gildan and Jersey

      Sizes Mediums

      Colors White

      50/50% Cotton

      Short Sleeve Qty : 1000

      i want you to email me back with the price and the type of payment you

      accept so that we can proceed. Regards.

    • profile image

      tan 5 years ago

      erm...Not much to say but that thnaks for the help :D

    • profile image

      nocha 6 years ago

      can anybody tell me how much machinery cost?

    • profile image

      Jim 7 years ago

      Between embroidery and screen printing, I would recommend screen printing. It depends on what it's used for... Definitely screen printing if you're doing a big run of shirts and are a smaller company/marketing to younger individuals, but I'd go with embroidery with a small logo if you're looking for a more 'professional' look.

    • profile image

      Gina 7 years ago

      erm...Not much to say but that thnaks for the help :D

    • profile image

      kofieku 7 years ago

      What is the cost of each machine pls.

    • profile image

      Bianca 7 years ago

      H, what shops in Manila (or preferably in Muntinlupa/Paranaque) have Direct to Garment printing?