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Through the Eyes of a Painter

Updated on June 8, 2015


Leaves | Source

Leaves and Roses

Leaves and roses in two dimensions. A big leaf is at the bottom, nourishing this portrait; the veins spread like rivers; one end of this source of life flows directly into a bunch of lively yellow roses, which are more distinguishable for their abundant brilliant colors; overflowing around them, the leaves of colorful dyes.

Down the river path, another leave is traversed by its share of serum. As if it were hit by a light thunder, it shines transparent. At the end of this path, another leave is touched by the final thread of the leaf vein. Down below, a group of flowers, some shining colorfully, others slight opaque have not been reached by the flow; a stream escaping the hunger flow away from the main source.

A Drop of Water


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Vibrant Water Pond!

A drop of water creates concentric water circles on a water pond. If it were not because it rained, then, the water coming from the flower is the same stagnant water flowing up the flower´s stem. The greener hue of the flower´s base reminds one of the good source of nutrients being absorbed.

There is grass, some greener than greener and some more yellow that yellow, flowers, even, a mountain rock. Even though the water doesn´t not have a lively color, it still is a vibrant wáter pond.

One Cold Autumn Evening

One cold Autumn Evening
One cold Autumn Evening | Source

The Reflection of the Sky on the Water

Because of the color of the grass and the melancholic mood it produces, this portrait suggests some natural place which many of us has been at.

The reflection of the sky on water is what is most striking in this canvas.

A couple of clouds in the distance foreshadow rain soon.

Black and White Impressionism

Black and White Impressionism
Black and White Impressionism | Source

Just Black and White

This is the painting that most impressed me. Just black and White, with not too many details in it. Or maybe too many, but well hidden from view. The mountains can be those ones of any season of the year. With little imagination one can visually put some details to adapt it to any given season.

The river, in the middle, is a pathway, on top of which you can extend your view till you reach the end of the less noticeable details within this picture.

Flowers and Butterflies

Flowers and Butterflies
Flowers and Butterflies | Source

A Little White Spot

Many colors, many butterflies, pollinating season. An illuminating source on a dark night to discover that the butterflies are putting their hands at work.

A little white spot on the painting attracts one´s attention at first. It cannot be known if the spot is from a little spill of paint or is from an external source, such as a night lamp on the ceiling,

Multicolor and Slightly Black and White

Multicolor and Slightly Black and White
Multicolor and Slightly Black and White | Source

A multicolored hummingbird Feeds on the Néctar of the Flowers

A multicolored hummingbird feeds on the nectar of flowers. In this painting, colors abound; red, green, purple, yellow, blue, pink, orange, but also a slightly black and white. However the hummingbird outshines the other elements.

Impressionistic Landscapes.

The paintings shown here are inspired basically from nature. For the impression they aroused in me, they could be categorized within the painting style of impressionism or impressionistic landscapes.


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