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How to Tips to make beaded or glass suncatchers

Updated on September 11, 2013

Go West Coast Eagles!!

How to Tips for making fun beaded or glass sun catchers

This can be a beautiful way to attract attention to a feature in your home. Sun catchers reflect the light and colors when hung under a patio in the sun, or a in a glass window or door. They will look beautiful and create a topic of conversation wherever they hang. Anyone can make them with a simple design for the beginner or a challenge of a more intricate one for the experienced person.

Sun catchers can be made from a variety of materials. Some suggestions for various types:

  • Glass foil
  • beads
  • flowers or leaves
  • Plexiglas
  • clear contact
  • thicker clear plastic

Whatever type of material you choose to try, let your imagination guide you and create something different to anything you have done before.

Beaded Circle Sun Catcher

Materials required

Different colored glass beads, thread or wool, glue, a very thin piece of plastic tubing, scissors, metal loop, and a large needle. In addition, you need the end piece of a biro, the spring-loaded bit that you push in and out, which you will glue into the clear plastic.


Choose your patter and draw this on a piece of paper to show how you want the colors to look once threaded. Work out how many beads you want to be on each string.

Cut the piece of clear tubing to approx 25cms long. Force some glue into both ends of the clear plastic tubing. Now push one end of biro part halfway into one end of the plastic, and then push other end of plastic on. Make sure biro end fits evenly into the plastic tubing, to form a circle.

Work out how many strands of beads you require and how much space you want to leave between each strand. This pattern is for a small circle, so if you want beads to hand all the way around you could leave a centimeter between each strand, or put five strands together and then leave two centimeters between the next groups. The decision is yours.

Tip on threading beads

You could lay beads out on strips of masking tape close together and slide thread through beads or use needle to thread them on.

Start by threading a needle and tie a double knot in one end of thread. Force the needle and thread right through the plastic tubing, so that the knot is close to the tube. Glue the knot to the tube (this also stops knot from coming undone). Now thread your beads in the order of colors you chose. Tie that off, glue the knot.* Take up a new thread and repeat from * to*until finished. As the end of the biro takes up about one centimeter, start close to that and work out your spacing to allow for that.

Now use the metal ring and cut three pieces of thread about twelve centimeters long. Tie the three together onto the ring, then, tie each end evenly spaced onto the plastic tubing so that it hangs straight. Now you have finished, hang it in the window, or out under the patio.

Children can make other types by cutting out small circles of clear contact or different colored cellaphane papers and sticking pictures of animals to them and hang like wind chimes on thread. By using the clear contact, it saves using glue, and it lets the light reflect the image of the picture.

Be daring and let your imagination loose, above all have fun creating beautiful sun catchers to decorate talking pieces for your home.

Glass Beading and Jewellery


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    • Eileen Hughes profile imageAUTHOR

      Eileen Hughes 

      9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Handmade crafts. Thanks for taking the time to read my hub

    • Handmade-Crafts profile image


      9 years ago

      A fantastic hub. Thank you.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Thanks again for taking me down the memory lane.Loved your write-up,Eileen.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Thanks again for taking me down the memory lane.Loved your write-up,Eileen.Thumps up.

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 

      11 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Fun HUB

      regards Zsuzsy


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