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Tips to Get the Most out of Your Smartphone Camera

Updated on June 22, 2015

Just Shoot a Photo

Just Shoot a Photo Gallery
Just Shoot a Photo Gallery | Source

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Smartphone Camera

Camera companies like Olympus have been having plenty of trouble in the market thanks to cameras being incorporated into smartphones. While these new gadgets may not be as high quality as the cameras that were there before them, they are definitely more classy, mobile and easier to use.

However, if you are to get the best results out of them, you have to be a little more creative to get the best shot and decent photos. Here are some tips that you can use to not only understand your smartphone camera but also to take advantage of the features that it has to allow you make the most out of it.

1. Understand the settings.

Each and every one of us has different preferences and hence this is a good reason as to why you cannot all rely on the default settings on your smartphone camera. If it works for your cause, well and good. Most smartphone cameras should allow you to set among other things the Focus, Exposure, White balance and ISO. You can tweak these aspects depending on the background of the smartphone photography that you would like to work with. For beginners, make sure that you select the highest resolution possible on the camera setting.

2. Do not Zoom, Crop.

You will notice that as soon as you start zooming, the photos simply become a blur. This is because once you start to zoom the camera just extrapolates the image and tries to guess what it is. This is a particularly savvy trick for travellers. Instead you can crop the image in the event that you would like to concentrate on something in particular. Cropping allows you to enlarge the image while still retaining a decent amount of resolution to make the photo a good one.

3. Don’t filter, Edit instead.

While you may need some tutorials to use some of these photo editing software like Snapseed, one thing is for sure. They have a much better and more unique result than the common filtering that just washes out the photo. They offer reasonable adjustments and with these, you can be able to explore more of your personality and give your smartphone photos a unique approach.

4. Get a Camera app

Most beginners probably did not know that they could do this before now. It is actually a great trick to use. It allows you to have more control out of your camera and you are able to achieve more. A good camera app allows you to overlook the auto focus and also separates the AF lock from the Exposure lock. This allow you to have better quality photos. However, make sure that as odd as it may look for you start pulling out your smartphone camera and shooting images randomly, you need to make sure that you understand your new app and this will allow you to adjust it better.
5. Get the lighting correct.

when it comes to photos, you should know that proper lighting is everything. It is vital to note that the basic flash is not fully capable of the task that it is usually assigned for and hence this is not appropriate for use. You can use suggestive lighting to give your photos an angle.

As you may notice, you really do not need a flashy camera when you have your smartphone around. Anything with at least 8MP should be more than enough to allow mind blowing photos as long as you use some of these tricks.

Just shoot a photo, Dublin, Ireland, Smartphone photography diary, how to, tricks and tips, James Joyce
Just shoot a photo, Dublin, Ireland, Smartphone photography diary, how to, tricks and tips, James Joyce | Source

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