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Tools needed for wire work

Updated on February 3, 2016


This one is pretty obvious right of course you'll need wire for wire wrapping. There is a huge variety of different wires that you can get and sometimes the variety can be a little overwhelming. There 2 kinds of wire half hard and dead soft. To get into the differences would take an entirely different article to do honestly. There's also the material that you can use for wire which is a huge variety. You can get copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and then many others with mixed metals. If you are just starting out though then the best choice would most likely be copper. Copper is the cheapest kind of wire closely seconded by aluminum. If you are just starting out then you should also use dead soft as it's easier to work with it just don't hold it's shape as well.

Flush cutter

This is one of the most important plier type items that you will need. You can use certain household items in place of certain other pliers but this is something you don't want to skimp on. You will need these to make close snips if you are doing wire weaves, if you are making jewelry then you will need it so the ends don't cut whoever wears the jewelry. These are about 8$ for a pair but if you are wanting to turn this into a hobby then you will definitely need these.

Round nosed pliers

These are another important plier that you will need as it is used to make all your loops and hooks. You can use other items to wrap your wire around like knitting needles and such but this will make your life a LOT easier in the long run and make it much easier to make even loops.

Flat nosed pliers

These ones in my opinion aren't as important as the others but they are still used for a variety of things. These will be needed to flatten your wires, to help manipulate your wires and to help hold and shape your wires. These can be substituted with other things in the beginning but as you begin making more and more items with your wire these will be something you will definitely want.


Wire work is a highly creative craft and the possibilities are endless. Not only can you make jewelry but frames, decorations, and so much more. This is a great craft and if you're interested in owning a store or making some money with your hobbies then this is a good choice for you as the demand for wire jewelry is high right now! This is the most important thing in all crafts and if you choose to do this creativity is the most important thing!

Optional tools

Wubbers, these are pliers with different settings for making consistently sized loops every time. Steel block and jewelers hammer, these are used for flattening wires and making flat pieces of jewelry. Wigjig, this is used to make patterns and different designs in your wire simply and you can make really beautiful things with one of these. Decorative wires, this is wire that has patterns, is made of twisted wire, is different sizes throughout, these can be used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry and other items and can add a lot of character to your pieces.


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