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Top 10 Amazing Steampunk Animal Sculptures

Updated on January 3, 2016

If you are a die-hard fan of "Steampunk", then probably you will like the following amazing creations from various artists.

Steampunk dates back to 19th century when steam engines were widely used during the Victorian Era. Nowadays designers are coming up with amazing ideas that combine the design elements of 21st century with Victorian era.

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Mechanical Tortoise

Lisa Black is an amazing artist who created some amazing and bizarre steampunk sculptures. Most of the sculptures by Lisa Black include taxidermy animals with mechanical parts.


Massive Steampunk Elephant

French artists François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice created a huge steampunk elephant that was displayed in Nantes, France. The uniqueness of this huge mechanical elephant is that it can move and doubles as a vehicle. This fascinating mechanical sculpture stands eleven metres tall and features hydraulics, gear wheels that has been skillfully fitted to give the 40 ton monster an awesome realistic apperance.


Steampunk Horse

Artist Andrew Chase is well known for his unique creations of exotic animals and his steampunk horse truly reflects his artistic skills. This ultra-realistic mechanical horse just gallops like a real horse. The sculpture weighs about 55 lbs and 27" long. 

The Mechanical Spider

The giant mechanical spider created by French group La Machine for an event in Liverpool in 2009 caused many controversies. Dubbed as La Princess, the project was funded by Liverpool city council and La Machine was commissioned for the work. However, the giant steampunk spider got many protests from archnophobe group, who accussed that La Machine's creation could terrify the people and give a bad image of the insect.


Steampunk Insects

The Insect Lab by an American sculptor Mike Libby has a wonderful collections of mechnical steampunk insects and bugs. At Insect Lab you can find ladybugs to grasshoppers, which are carefully and skillfully hand adorned. These exotic bug collections include parts from wristwatches, antique pocketwatches, sewing machines and even typewriters. 


Steampunk Cheetah

This is another amazing creation by artist Andrew Chase. The mechanical predator is made from electrical and transmission parts. It took about sixty hours and ten weeks to construct this amazing piece of steampunk art. The mechanical cheetah weighs forty pounds and looks more like robotic cat.


Steampunk Elephant Mask

Tom Banwell's gas mask is a creepy and an odd creation which is in the shape of the head of an elephant. The entire mask is made out of unused old materials and old masks to give a nightmarish look. 


Steampunk Shark

This is an awesome steampunk creation by Swift and Calamitous and actually it is a gun in the shape of a shark. Materials such as toilet paper rolls, toothpaste lids, ink-pen, broken needle and copper craft wire were used for this artistic weapon. Although it is not functional but gives you a unique steampunk feeling.


Steampunk PC Peripheral from Sheep Bones

Artist Ivan Mavrov created a computer mouse from sheep bones. His PC peripheral looks a bit creepy but exhibits his unique creativity. He has also created an amazing steampunk keyboard which he considers one of his best creation ever. Ivan uses the skulls of the sheep that died naturally. 


Steampunk Deer

Ron Pippin's steampunk deer, dubbed as "Solar Deer", is another cool example of steampunk art. Pippin gave a unique identity to a wooden deer by adding miscellaneous objects on its body, which you might find either amazing or just crap. It is up to you how you view Ron Pippin's "Solar Deer".


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    • Aplethora23 profile image

      AngPow 4 years ago from North Cali

      Steampunk is definitely where it's at. Always looking for inspiration to craft my own steampunk items. Thank you for sharing. Voted up.

    • Justtan profile image

      Tania Diotalevi-Hodges 5 years ago from Calgary, Alberta

      Thank you for posting this interesting Hub. I've been fascinated by the steampunk genre for years and appreciated the time you took to highlight particular artists that are using this medium. I'll be sure to follow up with a little research of my own. Keep up the good work.