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Crochet Communities Online

Updated on July 2, 2017

Crochet is a Circle of Friendship

Crochet Some Love
Crochet Some Love | Source

Hook Up With Crocheters Around the World

Crochet has never been a lone craft. Sure, many crocheters create in the comfort of their own homes but they belong to a greater community. Some meet up in person at churches, recreational centers or craft lounges. Others meetup online in forums, Skype, chat rooms, Facebook and even Twitter. Yes, it is a far cry from the crafting circles of Grandma's day but the spirit of crochet friendship is still alive and well.

If you live in an area where meeting up with other crocheters is difficult either due to personal immobility or physical distance the internet provides a number of communities for you to connect with.

3. Craftsy - A site for all crafters including crocheters. You can sell your patterns here or buy patterns. They feature deals on yarn through their sponsors. You can take a workshop which is a class you take on your own time via your computer. Just like all crafty sites you are more than welcome to share photos of your creations.

4. Crochetville - This community was the first I found online. It actually started back in 2004 and it has grown into "the" spot for crocheters to go and ask questions and share. Lots and lots of great patterns are available from the talented members and if you are up to testing patterns there is a forum for that. They have online classes to for specific projects or crochet a longs as well as a crochet business course.

5. Handmade Artists Forum - This forum was started as a branch off of the Etsy shop forum. This was started by a couple who sold their wares via Etsy. It has grown to a forum, a blog and now even a way for the members to sell their handmade creations. You can participate in a number of promotional events on Twitter, the forum,Facebook or you can guestpost on their blog.

6. Crochet Me - This community like many of the ones I've mentioned so far started out small. It was a place to gather with other crocheters, share patterns, tips and show off our projects. It has since been sponsored by Interweave and has turned into quite a lovely place.

This is the first place I shared my crochet patterns. If you look under my user name "momwithahook" you'll see my first ever pattern - Mr. squirrel. Funny little guy, I like to think I've gotten better at creating patterns now.

7. BethinTx1 on Youtube - Now I know I'm mentioning a Youtube channel but it is a community. In fact, there are a number of crochet communities on Youtube which I will share. She also has a group on Facebook where you can share your work from her many patterns. (search Bethintx1) Beth believes in sharing crochet for free thus, she offers her many tutorials online and tries her best to answer all the questions viewers send her way.

8. Teresa aka Crochet Geek - (youtube) Teresa was the first crochet teacher I found online and I've been a fan of hers for so long. I first learned the basics of the afghan stitch from her videos. She has tutorials for so many different things along with written patterns on her blog. She was one of the top 10 earners on Youtube which got her a lot of press and now everyone wants to teach crochet online - she was the pioneer.

She also has a Facebook group where you can interact with other crocheters, share your projects, ask questions and chat. You can find her under the name "crochetmania".

9. Fresh off Tha' Hook - Is a group on Facebook, Ravelry and Youtube started by user onevirtuouswoman. I was introduced to this group of crocheters via BethinTx1. I was a part of the group earlier this year but for personal reasons had to let my membership go. You can fan the page and follow the weekly video highlights of the members as they share their "fresh off the hook" creations.

You can also request membership via Youtube by contacting onevirtuouswoman and submitting an audition video. (*this was the case in Jan. 2012) By participating in the group you agree to make a video each week to showcase what you have been working on. It is a large group so be prepared for lots of crochet love from super talented ladies and gentlemen.

10. Crochet Addict - The final community is a Facebook group started by my blogging friend Susan aka crochet addict. She is in the UK and suffers from a disability which is why she started to crochet. It is now an obsession which she shares with all of us through her group and blog.

It is a group filled with crocheters from all around the world. If you find a post in a language that is foreign to you, Facebook has a translate option. You will have to request membership for this group. Share anything and everything about crochet.

Now Go Join A Crochet Community

There are obviously many more crochet communities online but here are just ten that will get you started as you explore the many ways to connect with others who share your hobby.

Which Group or Community Do You Belong To?

Tell us which community you participate in:

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Your Lovely Comments Are Much Appreciated Even If You Don't Crochet

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    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 12 months ago from Southwestern, United States

      Great information! Some I already knew but some I did not, thank you so much for sharing, one can never be too connected online, especially in the handmade world. Thanks again, Sara, great job!

    • profile image

      hudag 12 months ago

      An informative hub. Thanks for collecting all communities at one place

    • profile image

      Jess 2 years ago

      I fell in love with Crochet Addict but have not been able to find it on facebook for a few months now. Please tell me it will be back up. Thanks

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 3 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      Thank you, Sara, will check out Hookey, although time is an elastic I keep trying to stretch in vain...

    • profile image

      rgmg50 5 years ago

      This is very interesting and useful. I never knew there are so may places where crocheters can hang out. Cool, very cool

    • SaraDuggan profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      @Rhelena Hookey is fairly new but definitely a place to talk and share crochet. The have a free membership as well as paid. Of course Ravelry is pretty cool and then Handmade Artists Forum is great too. So many great places but Yes, time is so tight.

    • Rhelena profile image

      Rhelena 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these sites. I'm only familiar with a few, but I'm hoping to join up with more soon as time allows. Bookmarked for later use..