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Top 10 Cursed Paintings That Are Shut Away

Updated on March 10, 2020
Shawn Tangcalagan profile image

Shawn Tangcalagan is a 20-year-old man who lives in the Philippines, also a writer and outdoorsman.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

1. Soul Bowl

This piece of artwork was listed on a website called trade me. The user wanted it out of her life claiming that it was haunted, so this painting is of a bowl with the background almost looking like it could resemble the flames of hell now along with the size of the painting it reads the shape of my soul is a bowl. Now, this painting was bought at an antique shop in New Zealand, however, after they brought this painting home scary things started happening. She claims that some nights the painting would fall off the wall she also claims that another night she saw a dark silhouette go from her bedroom to the painting after numerous other paranormal encounters she decided to sell it.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

2. The Painting of Maria Ivanovna

A piece of art was painted by a Russian artist by the name of Vladimir Borovikovsky, it was painted in 1797 by a young woman named Maria. Before she passed away from tuberculosis, now, people believe that this painting causes bad luck to whoever looks at it. They believed that this painting had some sort of power that could cause death to any unmarried girl. People also blame the painting for a bunch of tragic deaths of young girls that happened around the same time they believe that their souls are now trapped inside the painting by an evil spirit.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

3. The Haunted Thrifted Painting

So this was posted on Reddit, one year ago by the user (young balsamic) he claims that one day he was through shopping when he came across this painting now he did claim that he does like creepy dark things so it wasn't too weird for him to buy this scary painting, now, although this looks badly hand-painted he claimed that the painting spoke to him and he felt overwhelmed like he just had to have it after a few days. He noticed that his cupboards would open and close lights would flicker and things would fall he would even hear scratching coming from the wall that the painting was on when he started, to see a dark figure in his dreams he said that he would get stuck in some sort of sleep paralysis and he would be visited by a figure with no eyes he then would start to have the same reoccurring dream every night he even said he was visited by the faceless people in this painting that's when he decided to take apart the painting when he removed the frame he said that his whole house starts to smell like sulfur he also realized a dark cross is painted on the back of this image he then put this painting in his basement storage locker where it remains he doesn't know what to do with it and is scared to burn it with the fear that he will annoy the demons.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

4. The Left Hand

Théodore Géricault, now, this painting comes with a dark backstory the artist Jean Louis Andre Théodore Géricault, would buy amputated limbs from the morgue as models for his paintings. He would keep these limbs in his house for weeks while he painted them. Anyway, some people believe that his paintings are cursed by the people whose body parts he used as a reference some people have claimed that they have felt a cold hand on the back of their neck or even felt a slight push while looking at this painting. The scariest fact about this is that Theodore died eight hours after finishing this piece of work thankfully this particular piece of art is no longer on display.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

5. The Portrait of The Doll

Another girl who bought a painting from a thrift store. This girl felt drawn to this particular photo she felt like she was lured into buying it this picture, was of an old doll she claims that when she hung it up in her room, she immediately felt like she was being watched even her friends that slept over would say the same thing. She thinks that it's an original piece of art now she was getting really scared from this painting that she too hid it in a storage room immediately the uneasy feeling she felt before just stopped but she claims that whenever she goes down to the storage room the same feeling overwhelmed her.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

6. The Painting of the Weeping Children

This is a collection of paintings created by Giovanni Bragolin, all of his paintings in the series depict little girls and boys all crying. It is said that whoever owns these paintings will face tragedy a string of house fires were all thought to have been caused by these paintings all of the houses that caught on fire were destroyed except for their paintings that remained perfectly undamaged one of this case is of the family Ron and May Halt, their house unexpectedly caught on fire and they lost almost everything except for the painting of a crying boy the painting wasn't even blackened by the smoke now these images were mass printed in the 1950s to the 1970s, so a lot of people owned different pictures from this collection some people have locked their art away so that no one else buys it or so that their own house doesn't get burnt down however there are still some in circulation so be careful.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

7. The Auctioned Painting

The artist remains unknown, this person claims that when he was 8 years old his mother bought a haunted painting from an auction now this painting is of a woman around the age of 30 who was wearing a long bluish grey gown. They believe that the painting was from around 1900 to 1910. They hung this painting in the hallway and when they did. Strange activity started happening immediately now they claimed that the hallway was always warm since it was summer, but when the painting was hung up the hallway was always ice-cold all the kids in the family were also scared of this painting his little six-year-old brother would walk on the other side of the hallway now at night, they would often hear whispering coming from the hallway at one time they reported seeing a flash of blue in the corner of their eye like the dress was coming out of the painting. Now, one day the little brother even tripped down the stairs and said he felt a cold hand push him and even their pets would growl at the painting eventually they decide to sell the painting to an art collector he currently keeps this painting locked up in his basement.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

8. The Spirit of the Bartender

They bought a haunted painting from the thrift store now, in this story, a group of buds moved in together. One roommate bought some furniture and a painting from the thrift store so this painting was of a ventriloquist dummy looking bartender, he is seen with big eyes and a creepy smile they claimed that the bartender's eyes would follow you around the room and they felt uneasy about it. One of the guys even claimed that when you are alone with it you feel like there's another presence with you two months later things started happening around their house one day one of the roommates heard a loud bang at the door but no one was there the banging continued and every time he checked no one was there. Then you would hear loud footsteps running up and down the stairs eventually, one of the roommates moved out and took the painting with him and donated it to the bar that he works at, but they also experienced paranormal activity and ended up throwing it out now if you research this artist it shows that he paints a lot of the same things over and over again it always involves some ventriloquist looking person and there are different variations of this bartender photo.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

9. The Painting of Marie Laveau

This image is carefully on display at the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, some people say that they can feel Marie's cold eyes watching them others say that once you see this image the Marie will haunt you and even will show up in your nightmares. Tour guides say that whoever wishes to see the painting must go alone they refuse to go see it themselves others also claim that when they take a picture of the painting their photos won't develop so go to the museum and check out that painting if you're brave enough.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

10. The Painting of Samantha Houston

Samantha Houston by Richard King, so this painting doesn't look all that's eerie it shows a cute little girl in a pink dress smiling while holding a bunch of pink roses honestly if I didn't know the backstory I wouldn't regard this as a scary painting. This is a painting of a girl who fell to her death after chasing her ball down the stairs this painting was made in her honor and hung up in the Driskill Hotel, which is the place that she passed away. Guests at the hotel have claimed that they feel dizzy and nauseous while round the painting others have claimed that they have felt as if they were being lifted off the ground or have even seen the girl change expressions. Some people own replicas of this piece of art and they too have felt dizzy and nauseous around it, as a result, those people have had to remove those paintings from their home although some people have this painting locked away.

© 2020 Shawn Tangcalagan


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    • Ivana Divac profile image

      Ivana Divac 

      2 weeks ago from Serbia

      Such an informative and captivating article!

    • Shawn Tangcalagan profile imageAUTHOR

      Shawn Tangcalagan 

      2 weeks ago from Philippines

      Haha, I hope so, I would also love to see one of those!

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago

      I would love to see some of those paintings inside a museum!


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