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Top 5 Children’s Characters with Their Own Cross Stitch Kits!

Updated on February 26, 2015

The internet has helped to cultivate a terrific subculture of embroider who have taken the time to make wonderful, original cross stitch patterns out of every TV, film or video game character imaginable – essentially making a niche hobby even more gloriously niche! Unfortunately most major names in mainstream pop culture haven’t released their own officially licensed cross stitch character kits, and this might be for a number of reasons; the tiny audience that, at least for now, enjoy them, and the issues with cross stitch piracy that might make it too risky an investment.

However, you might not know that there are plenty of fully official cross stitch kits based after some of the most memorable characters in children’s entertainment. From time honoured classics to the newer faces currently entertaining kids through your TV screen, this is my personal pick of the absolute best children’s characters you can currently bring to life with their own cross stitch kits:

Tatty Teddy birth samplers are a popular choice for many cross stitching new mums!
Tatty Teddy birth samplers are a popular choice for many cross stitching new mums!

#5 Tatty Teddy

It’s not easy to bottle up what makes a successful children’s character. You could be an expert designer who knows your market down to a tee, and yet you can miss that vital, unknown ingredient that can turn a one-off hit into an enduring icon for children throughout the ages. Mike Payne, the creator of Tatty Teddy, seems to have stumbled upon this secret, with his Me To You range having expanded from a series of plush bears and Clintons cards into a worldwide brand with its own collector’s conventions and Alton Towers hotel room

This cute little blue-nosed bear has also found immense success in cross stitch kits, with countless designs released for every conceivable occasion, including baby birth samplers and weddings. Unlike many of the characters in this list, Tatty Teddy doesn’t have a TV show or series from which we know him from. Instead, his ever-curious and bashful nature are evidently clear from the fine illustration and design work, one which cross stitch manufacturers have been more than happy to chart out over and over again!

The Gorjuss series of cross stitch kits are particularly popular with slightly older girls.
The Gorjuss series of cross stitch kits are particularly popular with slightly older girls.

#4 Gorjuss

Another popular character who’s become recognisable not through any accompanying media franchise, but in every other way possible! A favourite for girls of all ages, the Gorjuss girls can be found everywhere from backpacks to coffee mugs and, of course, cross stitch kits! As you can read in this interview with the character's creator Suzanne Woolcott, Gorjuss may also be the most artistically inclined of all the entires in this list!

My previous blog was all about different ways we could get the younger generation into cross stitch, and given the way young girls have (un-ironically…) gravitated towards Gorjuss they may very much enjoy recreating their favourite design on aida cloth once they’ve mastered the basics of needlecraft.

Which Characters Would You Like to See Get Official Cross Stitch Kits?

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#3 Peter Rabbit

This to me is a match made in heaven; one of the most fulfilling, hallowed past times meeting one of the most long-endearing, iconic characters in fiction. Children are still being read the tales of Peter Rabbit more than 100 years after his initial publishing, and there are cross stitch kits for just about all of Beatrix Potter’s other characters too.

I say that, although unfortunately the company who produced these wonderful embroidery kits have discontinued this particular range. If there was any reason for a super obscure but devoted group of fans on the internet to start a petition, I think bringing back Peter Rabbit cross stitch kits is a pretty worthy cause! Until that ever happens, there are plenty of places where you can still find the last of the available kits before they wind up into the hands of second-hand Ebay sellers…

#2 Shaun the Sheep & Timmy Time

It’s an indisputable fact that anything that comes from Ardman Animation is a guaranteed success. The new Shaun the Sheep movie is currently a unanimous critical success, and the spin-off series Timmy Time is equally enjoyable for an even younger audience.

Unlike many other children’s brands, someone saw the sense in putting these adorable sheep’s faces onto an awesome range of cross stitch kits, including baby birth samplers and bookmarks. What I was saying earlier about a winning children’s character design goes double for Timmy Time; every face on the show feels equally as lively when arranged as a series of colourful dots on a cross stitch chart, and this is once again in part due to simply knowing how to create a personality that can be captured in a single drawing.

#1 Paddington Bear

It’s super lucky that we not only got two amazing feature films based on classic children’s characters this year, but that both already have their own amazing range of cross stitch kits. Paddington Bear first stepped off on that platform in 1958, and since then he’s been featured in more than 20 books, and a whole host of other merchandise. One of these is a line of cross stitch kits that capture the more memorable parts of his character, with quotes from the books and fantastic images from some truly talented cross stitch designers.

The reason I choose Paddington Bear as the best character for children’s cross stitch kits is the sheer scope of his embroidery range. Most of the characters in this list have (or in the case of Peter Rabbit, had…) a fair few patterns, but with Paddington Bear you have a wide range of choice in projects, including cushions, bookmarks, slippers, table linen and greetings cards. There are patterns based on the various animated incarnations, and even ones modelled after the very first books. You can even buy a book filled with these patterns, created by the same designer who created the Snowman cross stitch kit. In short, Paddington Bear has an intertwined history with needlecraft, and we hope his re-ignited popularity with the film will hopefully see the demand for more of them.

If you have particular favourite children’s character, one you’ve brought to life in cross stitch kits time and time again, please say who it is in the comments, perhaps with a few photos of your finished piece as well. And, if there are any characters you wish had their own line of cross stitch kits, enter them in the poll above, or add them to your comment as well!


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