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Top 5 Paste Up Artists | Famous

Updated on September 29, 2013

Top 5 Paste Up Artists

The top 5 paste up artists currently out include JR, Judith Supine, Ludo, Swoon, and Zilda.

Introduction to Wheat Paste Up Art

Wheat Paste has been a form of street art for many years. More recently, some street artists have demonstrated its true capacity in a variety of methods. Below I have collected information on who I believe to be 5 of the best paste up artists within the past year or two. Yes, there are many other great street artists who paste, but our top artists have each contributed a slice to this paste up pie of great skill and unique methods.

Bonus Video: Matt Haffner


Born in France, JR combines powerful gigantic mono photographs with wheat paste. He previous received a TED Prize for his achievements and innovation and plans on changing the world one step at a time. He prefers to manifest the dark individuals in the backgrounds, those who are less fortunate and often shadowed by modernists and the common folk.

Judith Supine

Judith Supine currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His work is presented in a psychedelic neon acrylic perspective. Most of his creations are human skinned in a mixture of yellow and green and often include abstract patterns on dark backgrounds. Although this represents a half-conscious drugged state, it is carefully created through a collage form. Best of all, he obtains his art materials either for free or very cheap and often up-cycles used magazines.


Ludo is a parisian street artist who began his street art career after realizing his potential in graphic designing. He combines nature and human technology in an interesting form, often bringing out powerful images which represent an exploit society. His primary art mediums are silkscreen, acrylic, pencils, printers, tape, papers and wheat paste. His work is usually presented on a green color.


Another Brooklyn-based artist is Swoon. This female artists has contributed many beautiful large-scale installations through projects. Not only has she gained the admiration of the street art community, but some major museums have also taken notice of her work, like The Museum of Modern Art. Most of her work are based and inspired of historical art and folk sources.


Last but not least is Zilda. Zilda is French artists who uses classical examples to portray refined works of art. His images often are represented to convey a particular sense of emotion during the time. It almost takes you back to that exact moment in time. Each character's face is filled with a unique sense of emotion, feeling, and character.

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Who is Your Favorite Paste Up Artist?

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