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Top 5 Photoshop Alternative and free photo editor to use.

Updated on November 18, 2014

Photoshop Online Free editor


top 5 editor Online

Today we will discuss about Best photo editor software in market.

Adobe Photoshop: most the of people in photo editing industry have heard this name several times and also use to it, But what about newbie who are just starting with photo editing and cannot use to photoshop due to it's profestional functions and features. Photoshop spend million of Dollar in its program which make this program more profestional and more expensive which every newbie cannot offord so we have come up with some of the alternative to it.

1) Gimp: Gimp is also known as a GNU image Manipulation program which was launched in back 1996 and updated regularly till now providing free to all users. So do not surprise to know that they have updated their software from last 19 years and also kept the software free.

It has most of the function similar to Adobe, this can correct, contrast, brightness sharpen blur paiting animation and much more features as compare to adobe.

2) Paintnet is strong in making quick photo fix, resize rotate the pictures faster than any other tools, webmaster and other basic eiditng needs are fulfill by this software which is a freeware.You can extent feature of this program by its various plugins available. The best thing for newbie is easy to use and easy to edit.

3) Phoxo:
Phoxo is in market from back 10 years and serving picture editor world that too free. It has been popular among the kids to play with its clipart, customising images, also you can add watermark to your picture, So do check out its features with lots more than this.

4) Funny Photo Maker:
This tools do not have any tool to give effect to your picture, no need to be profestional to work with this software as all the features are just ready made and you need to just press the button to apply the changes on the photo, if you do not like the changes you can just undo it and proceed to next features and effect. You can add someone face to someone body, can convert a still photo into animated photo,add snow or rain to a photo with excellent avilable frame.

Last but not the least Photoshop Online Free which is a freeware and browser based editor online, when ever i am away with my computer or pc or do not need any hassle to download any software i just go to this site and have my photo quick fix, It has almost every thing as compare to adobe photoshop. It is a pilxr API which is working great. This sofware is running and avilable in market from late 2000 and just growing day by day, you can edit pics, crop, resize it, add frames, and many more features which will make this post long, Just go here to try this amazing free photoshop Online


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