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Top Camera apps for Galaxy Camera

Updated on November 15, 2012

Samsung released its new android based camera under galaxy name. It’s Samsung’s Galaxy camera and with this new smart camera, we need some smart applications for editing, capturing and sharing. Millions of android applications are waiting for this camera.

Here are ten most amazing editing, capturing and sharing application for android 4.1v (jelly bean) based camera.

  • Camera360: Camera360 is an amazing application for android based phones (smartphones) and this time it’s great for an android based camera (smart camera). You can add frames or apply filters (HDR styles, Lomo and etc.) in camera360 app. There are so many features likes tap-to focus, auto adjust depth and color range. At the end you will be satisfied with this product.
  • PicSay pro: it’s a wonderful editing software, it’s free version is of 0.91 MB, quite good for small editing application. PicSay Pro lets you add clip art, cartoons bubbles and also offers color correction, sharpening tools and etc. You can also apply paint, cut parts from other photo and use them. It offers filtering tools as well as like distortion, twist, stretch and other.
  • FxCamera: it’s an award winning app for android which let you take picture with different effects (symmetric, poster, fish-eye, instant and other effects). It’s a good app and gives nice touch to an image.
  • Vignette: Vignette allows you to add lights to your photographs to make them more amazing and vibrant.You can add effects, frames which in terms help to complete the overall impression. Vignette also offers you classic film type effects like Portra, Velvia and Ilford and there is a wide range of retro effects too.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: the legendary Adobe Photoshop for windows is now available in android market. You can edit, crop, add effect and adjust color and much more in Adobe Photoshop to share it with friends and family.
  • HDR camera: HDR stands for High Dynamic range and HDR camera app can be used for greater dynamic range between darkest areas to lightest areas. HDR camera app uses “fusion algorithms” to adjust darkness and lightness in the picture. The app also detects fast moving objects and captures them without giving you any ghost artifacts.
  • AfterFocus: After focus is a great app if you want to blur distracting backgrounds. It brings the subjects into sharper focus blurring the background, all with a swipes of fingers. So it’s a great app if you want a sharp focus on an object. AfterFocus is an amazing app for DSLR (Digital Single-lens reflex) like photography.
  • Camera Fun Pro: it allows you to add effects to any photo you have in your gallery or the photo you about to take. It’s much like the other photo editing app, providing you different filters and the quality of outcome is excellent.

These are some of the best editing, capturing and sharing application for an Android based phone and as Galaxy camera is using Android 4.1v now, these application are surely amazing for this smart camera too.
Your suggestions are most welcome if you know some good camera applications. I still wonder about, can we play games in Galaxy camera?


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