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Top Pencil Portrait Drawing Youtube Videos

Updated on June 19, 2011

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Top Portrait Drawings Videos On Youtube

Drawing portraits are a fantastic art skill that at the moment I do not possess, but I guess with a little practice and looking at how other artists do it I can learn how they draw some brilliant portraits and on Youtube there are some excellent examples of portrait drawing that I think you should take a look at and marvel at the talent that goes into drawing something like this.

First up we have a great video from Orangemonkey92 (And you should really check out more of this artists work!) who has done a Lady Gaga portrait drawing in the preferred format for a long haul drawing session which is the time lapse video, something that I have not yet tried but will do soon, this is obviously done from a point of reference, but it is totally fantastic and actually looks like Lady Gaga...

Watch the video...

Portrait Drawing Of Lady Gaga

Drawing Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Portrait Drawing, this one is really realistic and you think it's all done in pencil, but no, it's been drawn with pencil as a guide for the whole face, but then with a dry brush technique all the tone is added, this is a fantastic piece of art and if Johnny Depp himself sees this I'm sure he would buy it!

A really photo realistic portrait drawing this one!

Go and check out Portrait Drawings Youtube Channel for more

Amazing Drawing Portrait Of Johnny Depp

Heroes - Sylar - Zachary Quinto Portrait Drawing Video

Portrait of the popular villain from Heroes Sylar, this is starts off a sketchy portrait but equally good with the energy of the art tripping off the pencil like a power in itself as the blending is applied at the end, the Sylar portrait really comes together, you can check out the artists website and youtube channel here:-

The Portrait Art

Portrait art

Four Michael Jackson Portrait Drawings In One Video

Michael Jackson's portrait drawing has four through the years type portraits all on one page and the video is tagged as a tribute to the late king of pop and the portraits drawn look fantastic and a real quality drawing too.

Visit for more art by Jan

Michael Jackson Drawing Portrait Video

Taylor Swift Portrait Drawing

A portrait of Taylor Swift the singer by BrianAlanVH on youtube and the drawing is similar to the others, but you only see a small portion of the portrait done at one time, but the end result is still fantastic and drawn with skill, although the drawing makes her look older and with a fatter face, but still an amazing show of drawing skill...

See Brians Youtube Channel for more portraits and tips

Portrait Drawing Of Taylor Swift Video

Portrait Drawing Videos

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