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Top Ten Free Sewing Patterns For Boys Clothes

Updated on March 22, 2013

Sewing for Boys

The sewing and crafting community is definitely biased towards girls. Among all those dresses, headbands and skirts tutorials we found some gems for the little boys in your life. Enjoy!

90 mins Tshirt Tutorial

90 mins Tshirt Tutorial
90 mins Tshirt Tutorial | Source

90 minutes Lap Tshirt Tutorial

This is a very detailed and useful tutorial to make a kids wardrobe staple. I have tried it myself and it worked really well, I have also seen it being referenced in countless other blogs. This lap Tshirt Sewing Tutorial from MADE is about as good as they come. Must see!

Basic Tshirt

Basic Tshirt Tutorial
Basic Tshirt Tutorial | Source

Basic Tshirt Sewing Tutorial

Dana of MADE hit it out of the park once again with her basic Tshirt Sewing Tutorial. I imagine her flickr group is already bustling with several copies of this Tshirt. Sometimes simple and easy does it.

Aladdin pants sewing tutorial

Aladdin pants sewing tutorial
Aladdin pants sewing tutorial | Source

Aladdin Pants Sewing Tutorial

Make him a fun and funky pair of pants that would transport him to a different land and time. These are roomy enough to sleep in and structured enough to not get in his way. Get the Aladdin Pants Sewing Tutorial at Blooms And Bugs.

Coveralls sewing tutorial

Coveralls sewing tutorial
Coveralls sewing tutorial | Source

Rumble Tumble Coveralls

Our energetic boys need clothing that could stay put through their adventures and doesn't need any hand holding ( hello tailored pants). Sew them these coveralls which will let them, slip, slide rumble and tumble without a worry. Get the Rumble Tumble Coveralls tutorial at Blooms And Bugs.

oversized hoodie free pattern

oversized hoodie free pattern
oversized hoodie free pattern | Source

Big Boy hoodie

If you feel its very difficult to sew something for your teen aged boy, you are not alone. They are a tough to please lot and they don't settle for anything less than trendy, edgy and definitely man..ish. But even they will be happy to get these oversized hoodies. Oversized Hoodie Tutorial by the Boy Tifecta.

Ruff N Tumble Scarf Sewing tutorial

Ruff N Tumble Scarf Sewing tutorial
Ruff N Tumble Scarf Sewing tutorial | Source

Ruff and Tumble Scarf

The scarf with a personality, which stays put and goes with everything...umm...yes please. Get the tutorial for Ruff and Tumble Scarf over at Living With The Punks.

Cargo Pants Sewalong

Cargo Pants Sewalong
Cargo Pants Sewalong | Source

Boys Cargo Pants

Look at all those fun details on these cargo pants. Follow along with the step by step sew along with Shauna of Shwin and Shwin for the Boys Cargo Pants. It will be difficult to wrong with that.

Basic Boy Wallet Sewing Tutorial

 Boy Wallet Sewing Tutorial
Boy Wallet Sewing Tutorial | Source

Boy Wallet Sewing Tutorial

Let him carry his lunch money in style. These little wallets pack big style for boys. Get the basic boy wallet tutorial at Noodlehead. He will think the world of you for making these.

Boys cuffs sewing tutorial

Boys cuffs sewing tutorial
Boys cuffs sewing tutorial | Source

Boy Cuffs tutorial

Girls have bracelets, headbands, clippies and boys? Well now boys have these cuffs. Oh trendy! Make the boy in your life an accessory that shows his personality. Get the boy cuffs tutorial from I Am A Momma Hear Me Roar.


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    • profile image

      Cahid 4 years ago

      Hi Dear Kunnu i was Read your Blog and i got something Interesting, like Create Special Name of Folder.but Dear your first - Two Link is not Work. if is it poisbsle for Reset that link. like Hack : क ट र ल कर क ई भ क प य टर क अपन क प य टर स hack: change ब र उजर कलर,ल ग और ब र उजर ट लब र (video)thankx

    • profile image

      Rizal 4 years ago

      These are just so cute. And the photos? Love the tpewyriter one. So much talent in one family.I am getting so inspired to become crafty. I'm taking my first step today with punch outs of hearts and a sewing machine and thread. Thank you for inspiration.DanaHow cool is that french comment above : )

    • profile image

      Avinash 4 years ago

      nice thougts on the maikng:You used Cloner radial with Random Eff. and Attractor on the lamps.I think you changed the mass point of the lamps for the specific behaviour going up one side first.And you syncronized the strength of the attractor and the light material to the sound with the sound effector and used therefore espresso.

    • profile image

      Len 4 years ago

      The tubes are pretty easy to do or well bororw , if that's so. Also the basic setup for the light and environment is not not too much of a deal. The badger in the hole, is to get the tubes to react to the music without touching each other. I guess it could be done with as mentioned xpresso, mograph and some dynamics. (Pretty much selfexplaning but nice to brainstorm). Sound reactor yes. Okay let's give this a try This got me going wild!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

      So glad to find these free patterns for boys, and other pattern posts.

    • bloomsandbugs profile image

      Anshu 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I know, misleading :)

      The name is a carry over from when I had my kids clothing boutique. I thought it conveyed that I carried stuff for both boys and girls. the boutique is gone but the name stuck.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 4 years ago from USA

      With a name like bloomsandbugs, I thought I'd find gardening hubs. I sew too, so I found plenty to read.