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Top Web Design Trends of 2015

Updated on January 8, 2015

The web design landscape has seen some remarkable trends in the last few years, and this pattern is set to continue in 2015. Internet marketers have long been aware that a well-designed website is one of the most important steps towards establishing credibility and trust. Keep reading to discover this year’s most popular trends; utilize one or more of them to keep your business relevant in the Internet age.

The Evolution of Responsive Web Design

This is already a big deal in the web design industry, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn that it will only become more important in 2015. When responsive web design was first used, making sure a site worked on desktops, tablets, and smartphones was all that was required. Web designers are busily overcoming the challenges associated with each platform; for example, smartphones and tablets have familiar interaction systems, so the biggest issue is ensuring content is correctly sized and easily navigated.

However, new devices throw up more challenges. On a smart watch, for example, the navigation system needs to be rethought to accommodate how an individual uses the device. A site optimized for a smart desktop may not work when viewed on a smart television and vice versa. As smart devices become more prevalent, designers will be forced to alter their techniques to adapt.

Responsive Web Designs in Action


We are a visual species, which means we recall information a lot better when it appears in a graphical manner. This accounts for the popularity of infographics, which use graphs and imagery to convey lots of statistical data. A new trend called webgraphics has emerged and is a lot like infographics in that it offers lots of information.

However, webgraphics involves elements that enable users to physically interact with the information in what is a more appealing format than infographics. A big challenge for web designers and Internet marketers is creating webgraphics while still remaining faithful to SEO principles. We expect Google to change its algorithms accordingly, so you need an Internet marketing company with its finger firmly on the pulse.

Personalized User Experience

There is no better way to capture leads than by personalizing the user experience. You should be familiar with the idea of using cookies to display relevant content to regular visitors, but practices such as pop-up ads (which look spammy) are set to return with better design and tactics.

Major websites, such as YouTube and Netflix, use cookies to help you remember what you have just watched, so expect editorial sites to start developing “recently read” sidebar widgets to help you quickly find articles you have read and/or commented on. It is up to web designers to catch up with the times and find ways to make pop-up ads less irritating.

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Obviously, the future of these web design trends depends on how much they are pushed in the next few months. It is up to web designers to turn ideas into trends and ultimately ensure trends become the new standards. Therefore it is more important than ever to hire a high-quality web designer, so look to Phoenix Online Media to ensure you stay on top.


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