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Top WordPress Themes 2013

Updated on March 20, 2014

In this article, we'll celebrate the success of two amazing WordPress themes! One is a business WordPress theme 2013 and the other is a magazine WordPress theme 2013!

Normally, WordPress is widely used for blogging or from busienss point of view! Thus, I present the two very best WordPress themes of 2013 namely Nevada and Sahifa ( both of them can be purchased from ThemesForest) Analyze, decide and then purchase these themes if they suit your purpose! Yes, I can assure you from design and features point of view, they are perfect and you'll get all that in displayed in the demo section!

Let us now have a quick look into some of the amazing features of the two Top WordPress Themes of 2013!

Nevada is a Top WordPress Theme of 2013

Nevada can power your business site! This theme is specially created to cater the need of any business site! The theme has two awesome sliders namely camera slider and revolution slider! The revolution slider is a new generation slider which can be fully customized! I've used this theme and I recommend this theme for some of the awesome (rarest) features it possess!

Nevada Responsive Theme

Nevada has an Elegant Page Builder

Nevada has a separate 'page template' called "Page Builder!" With this powerful feature, you can create a page of your wish! It has numerous fields which you can use while creating a fully customized page for your business! Starting from contact, testimonial, slider, tables, video, image, text, you can virtually add or subtract anything! This makes the theme perfect and fulfill all your needs to customize any single page. This is the biggest power of Nevada. Unlike other theme, you can use the short-codes and customization to make a page of your choice! You the call to action button anytime!

Make use of single or multiple testimonials anywhere across any page! Do whatever you wish to with the Nevada, the top WordPress theme of 2013!

The Slider of the Top Business WordPress Theme 2013

A Responsive WordPress Theme 2013

Yes, nevada is responsive! The above image is a screenshot of a slide which is created with the revolution slider! You can create such beautiful slides without having any technical knowledge! You can show your team members with their expertise and make a slide of it! This is why Nevada is so popular! It's for all, the newbies, the infants in web programming and the veterans! Anyone can create a spark with the Nevada theme!

Nice WordPress Theme 2013

Multi Style Portfolio Section

Nevada, one of the most powerful WordPress themes of 2013 has got a multifunctional portfolio section! The portfolio section is highly customizable with the ability to make your visitors get a detail knowledge of the projects your company has handled in the past!

There are fields to provide project date, description, end date etc! You can also add your own field! The portfolio section can be displayed in a number of ways and each instance is shown in the video tutorial to make it easy for you!

If you even get stuck, help is always there!

Best Business Theme 2013: Blog

Completely Customizable Blog

You can customize the blog according to your need! The sidebar can be positioned on the left or right! You have the options to auto-hide the author, the recent posts and much more! The blog looks well organized and sweet! It's in this section where you can interact with your clients, inform about any changes to your client or walk about the latest happenings! A blog is a must for any company website and Nevada deos great to incorporate an awesome blog!

Top Business Theme 2013: Contact Page

An Amazing Contact Page

Nevada has an amazing contact page that can provide all the specific details to made you customers satisfied. You can create separate contact fields according to your need and incorporate them in the contact page! The contact page comes with a separate Contact Page template which has all the features of the contact page!

eCommerce Enable Top WordPress Theme

eCommerce Ready WordPress Theme 2013

Nevada is eCommerce ready. Nevada uses the WooCommerce framework! You can sell your products to your customers! Your company may publish a report or an eBook or anything else which can be bought by your customers! The shop integration comes handy in that case! A simple look at the shopping section of Nevada can make you feel the power which Nevada possess over other WordPress themes! Yes, Nevada is completely customizable, and this theme allow you to create a business website of your choice! The features are sufficient to give a great go! If you need any customization service, you can always contact us at We'll be more than happy to assist you!

Demo and Download

Sahifa Top WordPress Theme 2013

Sahifa is Spectacular

Sahifa is an awesome magazine theme!

It has a magical designs

It suits to any theme for a magazine

It's the best magazine theme of 2013

Top Magazine WordPress Theme 2013

Sahifa is an extremely beautiful magazine WordPress theme from Themesforest! An extreme care has been taken by the deign team to make the theme error free and fit from design point of view! If you set your blog with this theme, you can jam your visitors! They'll love to stay on your blog! The theme is so perfect and serene! The features are numerous and more than enough to suit all your needs! The best thing with these ThemesForest themes are, you rarely need any additional plugin to perform a task! While in most other themes, you add 15 to 20 plugins, themes like Sahifa hardly need any plugin. Even if necessary, a total of 5 is more than enough. Thus, it greatly increase the page load time and also saves the time of the webmaster in choosing compatible plugins!

Top Magazine WordPress Theme 2013: Homepage

Sahifa offers a lot of customizations and is SEO friendly! Don't foreget to check the review system and the home page in the demo version! Also, the theme comes with a lot of background styles and color options. Sahifa is perfect for more than one niche! You can use Sahifa as a fashion blog, news theme, health care blog, technology blog or anything else! The design is such that it fits to the need of any blog!

It's time that I don't bore you with my lectures! Witness Sahifa is full!

Demo and Download


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    • profile image

      Asad 3 years ago

      Great collection. Are you planning on doing one for 2014? You should consider adding the most popular magazine theme of 2014, i.e. SmartMag:


    • essencz profile image

      essencz 4 years ago from India


      It's useless to spend $1000+ for creating a business site from scratch if you can create it for $55 and some effort from your end!

      The most important point is you save time! Also, you can perfectly execute the ideas since it's you who is going the task!

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago


      thanks for showcasing wordpress

      themes with myself and other hubbers.

      it was very interesting learning about this

      and how people can use this for their businesses.

      Voted up.