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Top 10 Street Art Videos For Inspiration: Ten Inspiring Artists

Updated on March 23, 2013

Ever wondered what it is like to paint like a street artist? Below is the combination of some of the top street artists of this year, 2012. I believe there hard work has earned each of them a spot on the list. In fact, I have put together a very inspiring list of videos that will make you want to paint! The street art included is not to be taken lightly, and might just blow your mind.

Don't forget to view them all, and vote at the end!


About the Artist

Aryz is a very influential character throughout the globe. His presence has helped break various barriers and has earned him a spot with the very best. Originally from Barcelona Spain, his name has slowly but surely become a household name.


About the Artist

Is that honey? Bumblebee's fame has quickly rose away from Los Angeles. The Californian native packs a stash of innovative ideas and never disappoints. What most see empty, he sees as opportunity. Although he initially started as a stencil artist, he is now focusing greatly on installations and sculptures. Perhaps the least known of the bunch, but you should definitely not underestimate him.


About the Artist

When we say stencil, we automatically think Banksy. However, most of us forget that color wise, there is no one like C215. Born Christian Guémy, C215 has swiftly moved in to the top 3 stencil artists in the world. His work can be seen worldwide and usually focuses on face portraits of those in most need. Not only is he a master at what he does, but the French artist also performs on a variety of different media art and installations.

Claudio Ethos

About the Artist

He calls it urban contemporary art. We call it, AMAZING! The Brazilian artist by the name of Claudio Ethos was born in 1982 and since has accomplished some phenomenal feats. His large scale murals have not only conquered his country, which is filled with many known street artistic figures, but he has also captured the eyes of many around the world. His murals have helped many of the traditional contemporary artist to take a second look at street art.


About the Artist

Inspiring-is the king of 3-dimensional graffiti also known as Daim. Welcome to an unnatural state of mind. Where every single letter, gradually sucks you into astonishment. The splendid display of colors are sure to twist your curiosity and urge you artistic soul for more. His combination of color, geometric figures, and distinctive style are on a level of its own. If Daim can not impress you, it might because you are blind. But even then, it is said that the blind can touch and feel his street art as if it was in actual 3D.


About the Artist

Her name bears it all. A super-humble woman at heart. Her charismatic art forms a strong bond with those individuals struggling to survive. Faith47, residing in Johannesburg, South Africa, has based her art from in the shape of inspiration. Deeply fascinated by the destructive and creative human nature, her street art often depicts living in the very dangerous city in South Africa.


About the Artist

Lets go back to the hood, where it all began. Oakland street artist GATS is bringing the heat against the law once again. The californian native is known for breaking a rule or two, even his name states that. GATS (Graffiti Against the System), has taken his movement country-wide and his iconic character has many people attempting to draw they very own street art character.


About the Artist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina- Jaz began his career with traditional graffiti. As a matter of fact, his experimentation with characters and murals proved so successful that he never stopped painting. Currently, he holds a strong skill for creating large murals with a very unique style.


About the Artist

Rezine, is a very diversely inspired. As you can tell, he has taken his skills to where many artists don't-Disneyland. Born in France, Rezine Frederic uses just about any medium to display his passion for surrealistic art. Be sure to critique his diverse portfolio- you will be amazed ever single time.


About the Artist

Explosives, projectiles, and demolition- sounds like scenes from the civil war of a third world country. Truth is, Alexandre Farto(Vhils), is leading a revolution on his own. His technique has, without a doubt, changed the face of street art forever! Born in 1987, Vhils is a very young artist who has already engraved a permanent mark in street art history. He divides his carvings into layers of images and then begins by destroying to create. His work consists of faces of individuals, often unknown beings within a community.

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    • Vimural profile image

      Vimural 5 years ago from Tucson

      Thanks sallybea! I appreciate the comment. :D Spain has some true street artists and Skount and Aryz are two of my favorite ones!

    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 5 years ago from Norfolk

      Vimural, wonderful collection of videos, will definitely be back to check a few more out. Always heard that the Spanish Graffiti was something special and nice to see some of it here. Voted up.

    • Vimural profile image

      Vimural 5 years ago from Tucson

      Thank you! :D

    • profile image

      seochef 5 years ago from Canada

      Beautiful collection