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Travel Through the World

Updated on September 20, 2015

Travel Through the World

Save some money for traveling. Pack your clothes and some healthy snacks, and grab your camera. Then prepare yourself as you begin an amazing journey through the world.

You can start right here in the good old United States. Each state has many points of interest, including a national park, museums, and historical sites. For example, in Cleveland, Ohio, you could take a tour of the Rock'n'Roll museum. You could also visit our nation's capital, Washington, in the District of Columbia; there you can find historical buildings, statues, and the White House, home of our nation's president.

Many go to the state of Hawaii, where there are many areas that cater to the thousands of tourists that visit every year. You can enjoy the beaches and exotic food served at a Hawaiian luau. Additionally, you can watch Hawaiian natives perform unique dances, including the Hula dance.

Your next stop could be one or more of the many countries in Europe where there are many exciting places to visit. For example; Buckingham Palace and the tower of Big Ben in jolly old England, the Roman Colisseum in Italy, the Eiffel Tower in France, and many others.

Perhaps you would like to visit the Far East and see great wonders such as the Great Wall of China. Many Far Eastern countries are known for exquisite artwork, oriental dance rituals, and beautiful temples, representing various religions. You could even visit the Shaolin Temple and watch Shaolin monks practice the ancient martial art of Kung Fu.

Maybe you would like to go to Africa, and perhaps go on an African safari. You could get a close-up view of many exotic animals, including elephants, giraffes, zebras, and hippopotamus. In addition, you would most likely see tigers and lions and many other predatory animals.

Many travelers go to Australia, called the "land down under," where there are lots of beautiful beaches and other scenic areas of interest. Australia is the home of several unique animals, including the koala and the kangaroo. When you get hungry, you may want to dine, eating famous Australian barbecue such as barbecued shrimp.

You may want to go to one of the many countries in South America. Brazil, for example, is the largest country, and is located in the central and eastern part of South America. People there are very friendly for the most part, and music and dancing are very popular.

Many travel on a cruise ship, and visit one or more of the many tropical islands in the world. These islands are great for those who want to relax on a peaceful beach set on beautiful turquoise water. Whether it be a Caribbean cruise, a Mediterranean cruise, or maybe an Alaskan cruise, these cruise ships make traveling very enjoyable. Many activities aboard are designed to give everyone a chance to have a lot of fun while they travel toward their destination.

Yes, traveling can be fun, but expensive. Most people can only afford one or two destinations, and are limited on how long they can stay. You may prefer to visit a large metropolis or maybe a secluded tropical island. In any case, a travel agency would most likely be able to help you make arrangements and save you a lot of money in the process.

Most people only imagine places they would like to visit. Many find a way to go to a desirable place, and then take the plunge. But just as in life, sometimes people limit themselves on where they are going. A person's life is comparable to taking a trip, and a person's destination is determined by the choices he or she makes. You should plan your trip wisely because in life there is no turning back.

Travel through the world; it can be an exciting experience. You can make it good or bad, just as living your life can be. The difference is that in travel you usually have a known destination; whereas in life you can only have faith in what you believe your destination will be.

We go through many phases as we travel through life, and we make many important decisions along the way. These can either take you to a happy place or an unhappy place; therefore, you should be careful when making those decisions. Actually, it's not the place that determines your happiness; it's living according to what you believe is the truth.

In conclusion, travelling through the world can be exciting and fulfilling for most people. Of course, you must travel according to what your budget allows; therefore, you must plan wisely.

The same is true for living your life; important decisions should be made carefully. Your destination is happiness, and happiness is knowing the truth. Therefore, I wish you "bon voyage" on your way to the truth.

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    • buck3647 profile image

      The Real David Pressler 

      3 years ago from Planet Earth

      Less than 1% of the world scuba dives 99% of the planet does not know what is happening under the water! The oceans are dying before our eyes all of those exotic islands have lost the larger fish that eat the reef eating fish now there are too many reef eating fish that are now destroying the reefs. Now Florida will leave 600,000 tires in the ocean off Ft Lauderdale waiting for the next storm to throw them onto the reefs from West Palm to Miami LUDICROUS!


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