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Twilight City Studios: A Windy City Gem

Updated on May 5, 2017
The logo of Chicago-based Twilight City Studios
The logo of Chicago-based Twilight City Studios | Source

Twilight City Studios

In lieu of the sort of content I would normally produce, such as covering social and political issues which can be dry and downright depressing, I thought I would mix things up and cover a topic that invokes a more positive array of emotions.

I've recently been introduced to Twilight City Studios, an upstart, Chicago-based group that produces an eclectic array of content, ranging from short films to documentaries to music videos and more. Their short films captivate the viewer, drawing them in and compel the audience to place themselves in the character's shoes and mind in an almost irresistible fashion. Their documentaries take a unique approach to a host of topics one would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Their music videos are original and a joy to behold.

Arguably, TCS's greatest strength is their ability to instill in the viewer a wide and powerful sense of feeling through their skillful combination of well-chosen music to combine with the vivid imagery they capture. Fear, excitement, tranquility, intrigue, etc. all brought about effortlessly until the end of their production. Francois Delsarte once said that "The object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought and then give it form", which TCS studios excels at.

TCS is currently in production of a film titled "Quest for the Bloodskull", a series titled "The Wolfpack" I got an episode of a show called The Wolfpack, scheduled for release in early June, and a documentary about the Chicaco Cubs World Series victory.

Bathmophobia Short Film

Target could hurt local business in Rogers Park Chicago

Los Angeles County Video August 2014

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