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Paintings of Male Bonding

Updated on December 27, 2014

Master of the Male Physique

Egyptian Wrestlers. 1952.
Egyptian Wrestlers. 1952. | Source

First Impressions of Male On Male Bonding

There is not much to be said about the realms of male homosexuality, in my humble opinion when it involves the realms of artistic achievement. Personally I do not care one way or another, if the painter of a piece I am admiring is with a man, single, or married to a woman. However, what I do care about is the artwork. Featured below, are images of artistic paintings, by the likes of Philip Gladstone, George Quaintance, and Thomas Eakins.

Realizing that homosexuality is a touchy subject matter, I am in no way promoting its lifestyle. Moreover though, I am promoting the companionship and bonding of one man to another, and really could careless about someone's bedroom habits. Frankly, my opinion is that it is none of business. I am the strong affirmation that if someone chooses to be astonishing dimwitted and closed minded to different, yet reflective all male genre paintings or sculptures, well there is nothing anyone can do about that. As Mark Twain once said, 'Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.' If someone is really wanting to find artists worth their time, please allow me to introduce you to the freewill of a great American artist and a Master of the human body.

All Male Genre Paintings

"Awful Shy," by Philip Gladstone 2010
"Awful Shy," by Philip Gladstone 2010
"The Swimming Hole," by American artist Thomas Eakins
"The Swimming Hole," by American artist Thomas Eakins
"After the Battle," by A. A. Deineka
"After the Battle," by A. A. Deineka
"The Suicide," by Wiertz in 1864
"The Suicide," by Wiertz in 1864
"The Wrestlers," by American artiste Thomas Eakins 1899
"The Wrestlers," by American artiste Thomas Eakins 1899
"The Boys start running out from water," by A. A. Deineka
"The Boys start running out from water," by A. A. Deineka
"Moribundo," by George Quaintance
"Moribundo," by George Quaintance


'Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience...' What a great saying that is, I just felt the need to share it again. I have to say that it blows my mind that in the twenty-first century, a writer has to still worry about the bias hate towards homosexuality, or the possible "promotion" of the sexual subject matter, so to not offend the Google Adsense bylaws.

Let us make no mistakes about it..., its the art that this brotherhood article is celebrating.

Nevertheless, I still felt compelled to write about certain sexuality impressions here, because let us be honest, some people will only come to that single minded impression. And..., that bothers me in the age of supposed intellectual expansion.

Men have always had a special kinship with one another. Maybe it is a testosterone thing, but, it is what makes us from Mars, and keeps women stuck on Venus. For instance, men go into battle together, as can be seen here in A. A. Deineka's piece. For the record, I am not only implying war here, I am also implying going to battle on the football field, the basketball court or boxing ring as only men do, and in whatever gladiatorial arena they have chosen to duel. Do not make the mistake to underestimating what I am saying here, cause male team sports are brutal at times, and quite frankly men go all out whenever their pride is on the line. It is our inner battle cry that becomes inspired and why males bump out their chest, scratch at their balls, and run about like a pack of wild dogs.

The oil painting, After the Battle which I have featured below; allows me the rare opportunity imagine myself staring at my mates after the "battle" is over, and sweating over the fact that somehow I had made it..., I am alive. And, in that brief moment I am bonding with my teammates over our loss or win. Can you imagine that feeling? I am not a sports guy, so sometimes I cannot. I love to watch college football, but have no talents for running the football down the football field, so, without the painting, it is impossible for me experience what that bond might be like.

That is exactly why I love art. Art, in whatever medium it is created in, allows a person to see past their own misgivings or shortcomings. Therefore, if you can get passed your first impression of an art piece depicting males swimming naked together, or a boy posing in the nude you will soon know the painting is a calm celebration of loving life, and that all these men are just relaxing in the survival of brotherhood.

Other Famous Genre Paintings


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  • knell63 profile image


    8 years ago from Umbria, Italy

    Nice hub RKH, good point, well made.


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