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Type of Drink Glass

Updated on December 22, 2009

Touch of a Glass

I am telling you about glasses, which glass goes best with a particular drink.

First a drink will always taste better if it is served in a beautiful glass. It has all to do with presentation. Even good wine will lose some of its appeal it it is served in plastic. The glass need not be crystal but it should be a cut or two above what you use in the kitchen for water.

Glass of various shaps and size are described as under. I have left out special purpose glasses for serving the more esoteric beverages.


Also Known as the Collins glass. this is the tallest of the tumblers. It is the basic glasss in your cupboard and is used more than any other. It is for juice and cokes and any long drink that requires a sparking mixer, whisky and soda, gin and tonic etc. the height and narrowness serve a purpose. They hold back the bubbless longer.

Liqueur :

It is also known as the Pony because it is small and holds no more than six tabespoons. It is used for after-dinner drinks which are served straight.

Goblet :

This is the good for serving frothy drinks requiring the use of cream or crushed fruit, such as pina coladas. The wide rim will also allow you to put fancy farnishes like pineapple and orange wedges.

Cocktail :

It has a wide conical bowl on a long stem. The stem prevents your hand from warming the cold drink. This Glass is used for very cold concoctions that do not have ice floating in them. It is essential for anyone who enjoys mixing cockails. This is your Martini Glass.

 Shot :

This Glass is for taking neat shots of alcohol in one gulp. You have seen them in the saloon bars of hundereds hindi bollywood movie and hollywood movie also . Its takes no more than two ounces and can also be used for measuring drink.

Old Fashioned :

used for shorter drinks which are served with ice only. It is your glass. I like mine on the heavy side with a thick base.

Red Wine :

Its hods about 13 ounces but should never be filled more than a third. This allows the wine to breathe and release its bouquet. I also use them for my gin and tonics.

Beer Glasses:

Apart from the famous ones with handles, we have thin glasses without handles which hold the same quantity. They also come in a smaller size that hod half pint of suds. The pilsner glasses which are shaped like an elongated V and hold only ten or twelve ounces are more elegant.

You will come acress many restaurants that serve drinks in coconut shells. avoid them. final bit of advice, don't use coloured glassware. let the guests see what you are serving. unless, you don't want them to.


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