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Types of Graffiti Markers | Best

Updated on May 8, 2013

Graffiti Essentials

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Graffiti Artist Roid Graffiti Essentials | Source

Introduction: Graffiti Marker Types

It is very important for graffiti writers to have the correct form of tools, or graffiti marker types. With this said, markers are the preferred everyday graffiti tool for any graffiti tagger on the go. Not only are they silent, but they also can be easily stored in one’s pocket and can be obtained easier than spray paint. Although they should not be used for large tags, they are excellent for those smaller discreet tags.

Paint Markers

One of the most common types of graffiti markers are paint markers. These markers flow with paint and are very permanent. Just imagine pouring house paint into a marker and being able to paint freely. Some of the most common paint marker brands are Krink, Markwell, Molotow, and On The Run.

Ink Markers

Ink markers are slightly different then paint markers. These kinds of markers are made from different types of ink- Imagine pouring the ink out dozens of pens into a marker. Although they are much more precise then paint markers, due to their finer tips, ink markers lack permanent strength.

Squeeze Markers

Squeeze markers are a little different since it offers users ultimate control over the pain and ink flow. These bottles are often made of a squeezable plastic material. One can use a variety of different size tips to better control the size and style of line created.

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Industrial Markers

Many young taggers have a difficult time obtaining markers. Many places prohibit minors to buy them, while others just do not have the money for such graffiti tools. Teenagers usually seek other alternatives to obtaining markers such as; stealing, asking older friends, or taking obtaining them from their father’s construction tools. Industrial markers are not sold for graffiti purposes. These tools are often sold for construction and other types of jobs that require heavy duty marking. Industrial markers are often water-proof.

Empty Markers

Empty Markers are not necessarily markers. These are empty bottles are can be refillable with either ink or paint. It is definitely something to look at if you are interested in creating your own custom paint or ink and using you very own tips/nibs. Many individuals prefer to have a selection, and by purchasing these types of bottles, one has the ability to best adapt to their needs without spending so much money.

Homemade Markers

For more hardcore graffiti artists, choosing the homemade marker is the best option. Homemade markers are a little bit different than the empty ones. This offers you the flexibility of creating your own colors, but one can also experiment with the different types of nibs for size, precision, and ink or paint flow. You can use your imagination to create your own markers or you can read Street Art Tools article for some ideas. These homemade markers offer and exclusive insight to how street artists are able to create unique writing styles. Often, they offer inspiration on larger projects. Not only that, but they can also become the cheapest form of writing for many taggers.

Sketch Markers

Last, but not least, are the types of graffiti markers that graffiti artists use for sketching. Sketch markers vary per price and can be found at a variety of places. It is very important to find markers that are able to blend in the color scheme and also contain a controllable paint flow.

Caparso on Canvas With Markers

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Cutter Tips

Cutters are small felt-tipped markers. These are filled with paint or ink and are best for detail and small-scale work. The tip is normally beveled, which gives the artists a great control over the size of line.

Broad Tips

These tips are normally of a wide rectangular tip. This further allows graffiti artists to paint broad and dark lines. Sizes vary and can reach up to 2 ¼ inches- and excellent finish for medium-sized tags. One key note to remember is that the tip has to be used on soft surfaces such as wood and metal. If this is used on rough walls and sidewalks, then the tip can easily be ruined.


Mop Tips

Mop tips offer a different type of shape. These create a wet circular line. When using this type of marker tip, ensure you use it cautiously-since it may overflow out paint. The mop brush tip is great for creating drips, but the brush bristles may become blotchy or clogged due to debris, dust, and dirt. The dripping created by this type of tip is also something to consider, since not all artists like the style.

Metal Tips

Metal tips are used for markers who focus on delivering the paint from the center of the brush. Imagine a giant ball point pen that be used on just about any type of surface without worrying on damaging the brush. In fact, these tips are so great that you can literally write on rust. However, the tips are normally small in size and are not able to produce large wide lines like other tips.


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    • HandyHelper profile image


      5 years ago

      I had no idea there are os many tools available. It looks like graffiti artists have the same problem as every handyman - they need a professional set of tools to do the job as they want. Very interesting info!

    • profile image

      Emily Taylor 

      5 years ago

      Yeah I have a grog metal tip and love it but it just writes way to small to be useful sadly and don't write so well so I just use the paint mops and krink broad tips.

    • profile image

      caught ink handed 

      5 years ago

      honestly all you need to do with markers is find what you like, paint pens can either be great or a streaky mess and can range in price from free if racked or a dollar and up online (best option if you want something good) industrial markers tend to be a little better than the "graff brands" since it is made for tough marking jobs. also after a little experience you will just get a feel for refiling most markers (new magnum, fat marks a lot, sharpie paint broad, unipaint) and be able to figure out what is norma threading or reverse threading on top. the big trick is finding what youlike to use, what you like for the nib size and what looks the best when used by you... also not caring about your teeth comes in handy with the non refillable paint pens when you get to the end of them since you gotta bite them when the paint is mostly gone and you have made the nib real fat from wear.


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