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Types of Wooden Storage Sheds

Updated on May 13, 2018
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed writes about the value of sheds. She has had experiences with many different types of sheds. Sheds are an essential tool.

An Attractive and Homey Shed Style

This is an attractive and homey style of shed which compliments the main house.
This is an attractive and homey style of shed which compliments the main house. | Source

A Shed Is Designed For Function

A shed is a building designed for function. It’s function is critical for personal needs, hobbies, and interests. Think of the shed as being an additional room added to the home site. It may stand alone or be attached to the house.

The largest residential storage building which many of us use on a daily basis is our personal dwelling. The home stores many of the things which one or many people utilize daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

The next largest storage area is the garage. The garage may be attached to the home or built separately. As the family, hobbies, or interests grow the vehicle is often left parked at curbside and a storage problem is born. We find that we need to add another type of building or two for additional storage to allow the garage to house the vehicle.

As I drive around our local community everyone seems to have a storage problem. I see garages bulging at their seams. It seems that most of us never have enough storage space.

Small Garden Shed

A small garden shed is an essential for storing garden tools and accessories.
A small garden shed is an essential for storing garden tools and accessories. | Source

Shed Solutions

Hobbies and interests determine the type of shed which needs to be installed or constructed. Review the storage items and determine the best shed type to solve these storage problems.

Sheds are made with plastic, wood, and metal. A shed may be purchased from your local hardware store and installed by self or hire installers. These sheds are usually assembled and ready for use within hours or over a weekend.

People who enjoy woodcraft can be kept very busy building wooden sheds and their accessories. Gather your tools and carpet belt from the tool shed and start planning and designing the next shed on your list.

Types of Sheds for DIY Woodcraft Projects

  1. Lean-to Shed
  2. Garden shed
  3. Greenhouse
  4. Lawn Equipment
  5. Car, van, or truck (commonly referred to as the garage)
  6. Bicycle, Motorcycle, Snow mobile, Boat and other sport vehicles
  7. Tool shed
  8. Work shop for production and storage
  9. Farm vehicles
  10. Animal shed for horses, dogs, and other pets or farm animals
  11. Water sports equipment shed
  12. Playhouse
  13. Pet
  14. Pool cabana

Sheds maybe temporary structures or permanent. They may be portable or stationary. Their lifetime may be for a few or many years. The type of construction materials used and the craftsmanship determines its longevity.

Witches Playhouse

A witch's house for a children's playhouse. Building this wooden shed would be a fun and challenging project for a wood craftsman.
A witch's house for a children's playhouse. Building this wooden shed would be a fun and challenging project for a wood craftsman. | Source

Interior and Exterior

The shape of the shed may be a simple square box, rectangular, circular, or any other creative shape. The exterior may be simple or duplicate the main house on the property. The exterior of the building is determined by your imagination or personal requests.

The shed interior:

  1. Shelves and hanging hooks for organization.
  2. Windows and or vents ventilation. Vehicle fumes, gas powered appliances, paints and other flammable products need air circulation.
  3. Doors can be single or double wide or roll up
  4. Ladder for reaching high storage areas
  5. Electrical outlets for heating, air conditioning, power tools, and repairs.
  6. Plumbing
  7. Fans
  8. Air Conditioning
  9. Heaters
  10. Work Bench and stool
  11. Flooring of wood, concrete, gravel, brick, tile, plastics, pressure-treated lumber, earth, straw

The shed exterior:

  1. Roof made from wood, metal, glass, plastic, shingles
  2. Windows, screens, shutters
  3. Door
  4. Ladder
  5. Ramp or steps
  6. Sitting area with bench or chairs
  7. Shelves
  8. Work bench
  9. Plumbing
  10. Motion detectors, other alarm systems, or outdoor lights
  11. Wood storage and other large items
  12. Flower boxes, trellises, and other décor

There are many other wood crafts which may be constructed for your shed. The list may contain items such as work bench with chairs or stools, standard, floating, or book shelves, magazine racks, children's toys, flower pot containers and much more.

Artist's Workshop

An artist working at his craft of blowing glass into selected objects of beauty.
An artist working at his craft of blowing glass into selected objects of beauty. | Source

Workshop Facility

Our hobbies and interests may require a structure which will serve as a production room and storage. A neighbor in my community makes pottery as a hobby, but it has become a part-time business recently.

He built his workshop onto the side of his garage. One of the doors was placed on the garage wall which is also the workshop wall and it allows him to move supplies from his car into the shop and with the car parked in the garage he can load it and deliver his wares to customers.

Any shed can serve as a multi-functional structure. One popular example is to build a garden tool house which will house the lawnmower, rakes, shovels, hoes, picks, buckets, watering cans, potting containers, and hand-held garden tools. An open lean-to may be attached to one of the walls of this shed and will house a workbench where the gardener may prepare their plants and store seedlings. In other words an open style greenhouse.

A shed is worth the financial investment. A friend of mind had a double car garage in their backyard. It was used for three different types of businesses.

  1. A candle making workshop
  2. Designing and sewing dance costumes. A show room was included.
  3. Car restoration

The advantage of working with wood is the ease of making changes. Restoring the shed to meet a change in requirements is easily accomplished.

Building a Shed By Yourself

Do you enjoy woodworking projects?

Did you build a shed?

See results


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    • Tricia Deed profile imageAUTHOR

      Tricia Deed 

      19 months ago from Orlando, Florida

      I know several women in my circle of friends that will pick up a hammer and nails and start building. It seems that the younger generation has an interest in construction skills and love the creative process of building. Women are able to handle most of the new tools; if not; she will find a stronger person who can.

      Regardless of your gender, a diy project gives you a feeling of pride and achievement.

    • peachpurple profile image


      20 months ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow it is not easy for a woman to built it but a man, it is no problem


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