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Underwater Waterproof Camera Case

Updated on June 18, 2011

Turning my digital camera into underwater camera
A few weeks ago, I bought an underwater camera case from an online camera store. It is a digital camera waterproof case manufactured by Dicapac. Different from the conventional underwater camera housings that have rigid structures, this case is made of flexible plastic. On the packaging, Dicapac, a company, that produces the waterproof cases has listed more than two hundred digital cameras that are compatible with the WP-410.
With this case, I don't need to buy underwater camera for taking pictures of coral reef and fish while snorkeling around the tropical islands in my town.

Where you can buy the underwater camera case

I bought my underwater camera case from an online camera store that is located in Jakarta city of Indonesia. The website is written in English. While writing this hub, I try to check whether the same product that I mention in this article is available in - the largest online store in the world. As you can see above, Amazon does sell the Dicapac Camera case. You don't need find it by yourself by typing the keyword camera case in the search engine. I have embedded the pictures of the camera case on the right side of this paragraph so that you can buy any of them directly from Amazon. I am a satisfied user of this product and I positively recommend it to you if you are now looking for a cheap but good underwater casing for your camera so that you can take beautiful pictures of fish, coral reef and even you and your friends while snorkeling or scuba diving without breaking your expensive digital camera.

Zebra fish among the coral reef in Mansinam island
Zebra fish among the coral reef in Mansinam island
Mansinam island
Mansinam island

Being an underwater photographer
Yesterday, I went to Mansinam island with five Dutch tourists. We enjoyed snorkeling there very much. At that time, I tried the underwater camera case for the first time. I was afraid, actually, because I was not really sure about it. After snorkeling for half an hour and shooting a lot of photographs of the ornamental fish and beautiful corals, I finally emerged to the surface of the sea. I walked to the beach to check the results of my shootings under the shadow of a tree. First, I had to take out the Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 from the waterproof case. Then I pressed the play button to see the pictures. I was happy to see that the quality of the photographs are really good. Well, the lens filter has been protected with multi-coated UV filter to ensure photographers get clearer underwater pictures.
Well there were some blurry pictures that I got during the snorkeling time but they were not caused by bad quality underwater case but by my own movements in the water. Taking sea pictures was difficult for snorkelers while they were swimming in the area where there was a strong current. That's what I had experienced while snorkeling in the coral reef region at the south of Mansinam island. I know that I still need more practice and understanding of underwater camera settings to achieve the best results for photographs.
The best time to enjoy snorkeling in Mansinam island is in the morning and in the afternoon during the high tide. Sometimes high tide occur in at mid-night or mid-day which are too hot for us.

Use the Underwater Pictures for Promoting Marine Environment and Coral Reef Preservation

With these underwater pictures, I can tell the citizen of Manokwari to stop throwing their domestic and industrial wastes into the sea. The pictures of fish and coral reef are strong evidences which are able to convince the government and the citizens about the importance of preserving marine ecosystem.
Coral reefs are homes to a lot of species of fish and other marine animals. They also provide food to them. Therefore coral reef as an ecosystem plays a vital economic roles both for the fishermen community who catch the fish and for the people who eat them. When marine ecosystem is protected, steady supply of fish can be guaranteed sustainably.
So, healthy coral reef is not only the interest of people who are involved in marine tourism but also the interest of all the citizen of Manokwari, the capital of West Papua province. I am really sure that more tourists will come when we can keep our beach and sea clean from plastic bottles that are currently drifting throughout the bay.
If you are interested in snorkeling around Mansinam island, you can contact me - Charles Roring - via my email I will be happy to arrange your trip in this region.

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