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Unread Artistry

Updated on September 25, 2014

Reading, Instead of Unreading Art

Symmetry is a form of art, but not art.

Asymmetry is even a form of art, but it's not art.

There are many forms of art, but art is of its own.

Rationality clings to creativity as if they are impossible to disconnect from one another.

However, they are each of their own.

It seems as if people read poetry and try to chaffer with it.

They want to think that poetry is this very thing that can be divided up evenly like a mathematical formula.

Even I catch myself seeing poetry with measurement eyes when really the poetry we see (written on paper)

is the product of something that does contain order, but is so vast in its own uniqueness.

One could write a poem and the poem could be considered horrible by many, but does this make it unartistic?

A poem that has a rush of uniqueness and a spirit that magnifies an instant, is a poem that is laudable and art.

There are probably many artists out there who just want someone to READ their poem.

I know that I do.

Poetry can be analyzed to a certain degree and then after that it becomes presumptuous.

I think that poetry needs to be read as art more.


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