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Upcycling: 10 Things to Make with a Shower Curtain

Updated on May 27, 2018
Rosie writes profile image

Rosie is a library media specialist. An avid reader and life-long learner, Rosie enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise in many areas.

Old Shower Curtains

I have probably replaced six to eight shower curtains over the last twenty years. That was before I realized how versatile a shower curtain can be. Shower curtains are made from material that is usually water resistant, easy to clean, and comes in large pieces of material. This makes them perfect for reusing in many innovative ways. In this hub, I will give you ten useful ways to reuse a shower curtain that require very little work on your part. So, the next time you take down an old shower curtain, clean it, fold it, and place it in your linen closet until you need it. You will be glad you did!

Dog Bed Cover

For the dog bed shown in the picture below, I simply wrapped the shower curtain around the bed form as if it were a present being wrapped. When it needs washing, it will be easy to remove. The fabric is cool and comfortable for my dog, and she seems to really like it!


No Old Shower Curtain?

If you don't have an old shower curtain and want to get started on one of the projects listed here, then there are several stores that carry inexpensive shower curtains. Outdoor tablecloths can also be used for these projects. The stores I have seen reasonably-priced shower curtains and tablecloths at are: Ross, TJ Max, K-mart, Walmart, and the Dollar General store. You can also find them on sale or clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond, JC Penneys, and Sears.

Have you ever reused an old shower curtain for a useful purpose?

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Project Ideas for Shower Curtains

  1. All-weather blanket: Use a large beach towel or thin blanket. Place the shower curtain on top of the towel or blanket. Cut the shower curtain so that it is the same size as the fabric. Sew the edges together. The shower curtain side will be placed on the ground, face-down, preventing moisture from seeping through to the fabric side.
  2. Beach bag or grocery bag: Cut a large rectangle from fabric, fold in half lengthwise with pattern side facing in. Sew opposite sides closed. Flip right-side-out, fold the top edge over and sew to keep in place. Attach handles made from rope or other material. Three to four of these can be made out of a single shower curtain.
  3. Outdoor furniture cover, grill cover, or fire-pit cover: Place shower curtain right-side- down, over the item to be covered. Pin edges closed so that curtain fits over item well. Sew where pinned and trim edges. Turn right-side out and cover the item.
  4. Outdoor cushion and pillow covers: Pillow forms can be purchased at your local fabric store, or old pillows can be made to look new. Lay pillow on the right side of fabric. Cut fabric two inches from the edge of the pillow. Use the first shape to cut another piece like it. Lay pieces with the print side facing each other. Sew 3 sides closed, flip right-side out, push pillow form into cover and sew remaining side closed.
  5. Table cover: Cut fabric to fit table as you wish. Use creative cutting scissors for an unusual edge, or leave edges as they are.
  6. Shade sail: Cut fabric into a shape you want; shade sails are usually seen in the shape of a triangle or rectangle. Use a hole puncher to place one hole in each corner. Tie corded rope to each corner. Attach free ends of the rope to posts, trees, or other tall-standing objects in your yard where you would like to have shade.
  7. Raincover: You will be able to make two childrens' raincoats with these instructions. Trim the edge where holes are to remove them. Cut shower curtain in half. Fold one piece in half so that you almost have a square. Cut semicircle large enough to place over the head of a child, in the middle of the fold. Another option is to cut a large X and trim corners. Repeat with the second piece.
  8. Drawer liners/Trunk liner: Measure base of drawer or trunk and draw onto fabric. Cut out and put in place. If measuring is difficult, put the newspaper down, press into place gently, cut along folds and use this as the pattern for cutting out duplicate pieces for liners.
  9. Dog Bed: The dog bed does not require any sewing or cutting. Lay the fabric print side down. Place the dog bed in the center of the fabric. Fold fabric around dog bed as if wrapping a present. Turn dog bed over and put in place.
  10. Tent: Visit for 15 creative ways to make a tent. The ideas include using bamboo, PVC pipes, and a clothesline. They all cost very little and will produce happy children.
  11. Wall Art: Take a shower curtain with a beautiful print and hang it on a wall. A child's bedroom, a dorm room, or a playroom would all be perfect places to do this.


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    • Rosie writes profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosie writes 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks Mary... I've done the same. Now I've changed my ways and try to upcycle when I can. It saves me some money and it is fun being creative.

    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 

      5 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      Every time I need to replace my shower curtain, I find myself thinking "I should still be able to use this for something." Though I was never creative enough to think of things on my own, I will certainly be utilizing some of these ideas.

    • Rosie writes profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosie writes 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      Felisa and randomcreative, thanks for stopping by. I'm always looking for useful ways to reuse things and had a lot of fun coming up with ways I will use my old shower curtains with this hub. Thanks for reading :)

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 

      5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      I had no idea that you could upcycle shower curtains! How cool. Love the range of suggestions here. Thanks for the great resource.

    • Felisa Daskeo profile image

      Felisa Daskeo 

      5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Great ways to recycle. Nowadays it is always important to recycle things.

    • Rosie writes profile imageAUTHOR

      Rosie writes 

      5 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks for reading jabelufiroz!

    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Great article. Voted up and useful.


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