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Upcycling- The fun way to recycle

Updated on August 31, 2012

What is Upcycling?

Reduce, reuse, recycle... These three words have become fairly important in today's world. But not only can you reuse items, you can re-purpose them.

Upcycling is where you take an item that is old, broken, ugly or just not useful any more and turn it into something completely different. A lot of upcycling that you can find everywhere, is art. People like to turn trash into art work and display it for others to enjoy. Others like to be more inventive and turn things into working or functional projects.

Old records can be turned into bowls, vases, serving plates and more just by heating them up in the oven. Typewriters can be taken apart and used to make computer keyboards and jewelry by removing the keys. Newspapers can cut up and used as paper mache and can create props, hats, bowls, biodegradable flower and plant pots.

How upcycling can save you money?

Upcycling can be beneficial to not only the environment but also to your bank account. Why go out an buy a new dresser for $250 when you can find one free on Craigslist and then run down to the local hardware store or even Walmart, spend around $20 and strip the paint, then stain it or paint it so it matches you theme. You reduce the waste in the landfill by claiming a free item and save around $230.

Yes, it does take time and effort to reclaim an unwanted item but you can personalize anything, or just make it match your existing decor. What is better then having something actually tailored to your home?


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    • Kristin Halsted profile image

      Kristin Halsted 6 years ago

      Good reminder that there are beautiful things all around us... we just need to think outside the box sometimes! Great hub!