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Use Glue Guns for Arts and Crafts Sticky Situations.

Updated on July 17, 2011

What are Glue Guns for Arts and Crafts

Typically in crafting there are many occasions when you need to stick items together on onto each other. Glue guns for arts and crafts are used for this purpose and due to their use of hot glue it provides a much stronger bond that many types of ordinary crafting glue.

Hot glue guns for crafts make crafting a lot more fun. Before long you’ll find yourself stalking round the house, licenced to glue, in the hope of finding something that needs mending whether that’s ribbon fraying on the edge of a cushion, or a loose hook that continually falls down.

A glue gun works by inserting a solid stick of glue into one end of the gun, which is then heated within the gun and expelled when the trigger is pulled. When the glue comes out it’s hot, as in touch it and you’ll get burnt hot so it’s very important to follow the safety guidelines included with your craft glue gun, and you should always ensure that children only use such a product under full adult supervision.

Glue Guns For Arts and Crafts Projects

When looking for a craft hot glue gun it's important to know that there are both industrial and hobby type versions, and it’s important to make sure you get a glue gun fit for your purpose and for your average crafting project you don’t need a glue gun capable of sticking down roofing felt, and ordinary craft glue gun will do the job very nicely.

Crafting guns are available in both battery powered and plug in varieties, both with advantages and disadvantages. Battery powered ones are more portable but you do run the risk of running out of power at an inopportune moment. Plug in varieties on the other hand do not have a problem with lack of power but do need to be used near a power source so are not so good if you want to take your crafting projects into the garden for example.


Good For The Serious Crafter

If you're going to be using your product on an almost daily basis as opposed to once in a while you want to be sure it's up to the job and provides you with the supply of glue you require when needed.

This probably means going for an electric rather than battery powered glue gun as consensus seems to be that these give a stronger and more consistent result.

The highest recommended product on Amazon is the Cordless Surebonder CL-800 model which heats to 380F making it suitable for sticking ceramics, metal and wood in addition to the usual paper and fabric applications.

Close on its heels is the Dremel 1200-01 which, with its 2 temperature settings makes it very controllable to use and easy to work with due to the supportive kickstand on the base.

Mini Glue Guns Make Great Hobby Craft Glue Guns

A mini glue gun is perfect if you're looking for a hobby craft glue gun, or are only working with small amounts of glue at a time. They're also much easier for children to handle though as they can still reach them temperatures of their bigger counterparts you should never leave a child unsupervised with a glue gun.

This range includes the Darice 10850 with a non drip nozzle and the attractive looking Dual Temp model by FPC.

Low Temp Glue Guns

 Low temp glue guns are perfect for both delicate items where high temp glue would be too hot, and also for children when they are just starting out with crafting ~ though even though these are called low  that is a relative term and the glue will still be hot so do not leave children unattended.



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    • kids-toy-box profile image

      kids-toy-box 6 years ago

      This brings back some fun moments in Archi school--Glue guns were one of our favorie toys for building conceptual models.

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