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Use Your Cremation Urn as a Vase

Updated on April 11, 2013

How to Enjoy Choosing a Cremation Urn

Here is a new idea about choosing an urn before it's needed for your ashes.

Most people have considered whether they would prefer cremation over traditional burial, and have shared their preference with a family member. The rates of cremation are continuously rising: in the USA, cremations have increased from 26% in 2000 to a current 38%. The Cremation Association of North America estimates this will top 55% by 2025. There are lots of reasons for this consistent increase. A big one is that cremation is more affordable than burial. Another is that it allows people various options for creating a memorial, either in their home or in a columbarium niche, using either a full size urn for holding all the ashes, or a smaller keepsake for a portion only of the ashes, usually with the intent to conduct a scattering ceremony at a cemetery or in a place that holds meaning for the loved one, after having checked of course that the chosen location allows scattering.

I've had all kinds of feedback from people about our cremation urns, but one lovely elderly lady told me something I hadn't heard before. She said that she bought her urn ahead of time so she could enjoy it as a vase, until such time as it was needed to hold her ashes. I think she has a wonderful perspective on life and death - live in the moment, surround yourself with beauty, and always have fresh flowers. With such a positive attitude, I bet she lives to be a very nice ripe age!

Barbara Bergen, Designer and Owner

Cremation Urns by Legacy

Klimt Urn Made with 24 Karat Gold

Klimt Cremation Urn
Klimt Cremation Urn | Source

Demo Shows Attributes of a Cremation Urn and Keepsakes


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    • Barbara Bergen profile image

      Barbara Bergen 6 years ago from Nelson, BC, Canada and Sarasota Florida, USA

      Thanks for your post, Salder44! Yes, cremation jewelry is another new way to memorialize someone close that is becoming very popular. We also have cremation urn jewelry –

      People are figuring out all kinds of new ways to memorialize their loved ones, and also how to pre-plan their own funeral as a gesture of love and expression to their families. Compiling a playlist of the music that's been important in your life is another new and meaningful dimension to add to pre-planning. I'm just getting married this summer, and have compiled a CD of all my favourite music for the ceremony & the dance, and afterward I'm going to put it with my Will, so it can be played again at my funeral. Instead of seeing this as a little morbid, I view it as a very personal way of connecting with my loved ones after I'm gone.

    • profile image

      salder44 6 years ago

      Absolutely love these and love that you had a customer that chose hers ahead of time. I find that so few people don't plan ahead of time and this leaves the family to choose what to do and question whether it was what their loved one would have wanted. Another great idea that is becoming increasingly prevalent is cremation jewelry. I actually came across the idea when looking for a way to give a personal gift to my Mom on Mother's Day this year and I have some of my grandmother's ashes inside a keepsake urn. I chose a pendant, filled it with my granny's ashes and sent it to my Mom. She loves it and feels so close to her Mom. Anything you can do that brings the feelings of those you've lost closer to your heart I am all for. The urns are exquisite! Kudos!