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Independent Yarn Review: Ushya Suya by Mirasol

Updated on July 21, 2014

Ushya Suya

Copyright William Souza 2014
Copyright William Souza 2014
4.5 Stitch Markers out of 5!
4.5 Stitch Markers out of 5!

Yarn Specifics

Ushya Suya
Fiber Content: 98% Merino Wool, 2% Polyamide
Physical Weight: 3.5 oz (100g)
Yarn Weight: Super Bulky (6)
Yardage: Approximately 114 yards (104 m)
Needle Size: US 15 (10 mm)
Gauge: 2.5 sts per inch
Color Palette: 10 Colors
MSRP: $19.95

Care and Support

Pattern Support: No free or purchasable yarn specific patterns currently available. However there are three free patterns specifically for Ushya and multiple purchasable pattern collections. Ushya is virtually the same yarn in solid and heather colors.

Care Instructions:
Hand Wash
Do Not Bleach
Dry Flat
Do not Tumble Dry
Iron Low
Dry Clean Any Solvent but Trichlo-ethylene


This hub is in no way intended to promote or dissuade. It is intended to share my experience using a particular yarn and hopefully provide useful feedback.

First Impressions

When I first looked at this yarn two thoughts went through my mind. My first, honest thought was"Ooh no it's a super bulky weight." Bulky and Super Bulky I have a tendency to avoid because they are too thick and dense/heavy for my personal tastes. Then I stopped and said "Open mind Bill. Open Mind." The second thought I had after I picked up the skein was this is INCREDIBLY light and squishy. The density issues that I find in super bulky yarns was not there. I was absolutely amazed with how light it was. As I touched, squished and wound the yarn I found myself looking forward to working with it. I loved the color and how it conjured images squishy blue clouds. Another thing I liked about the yarn is that it is braided so it really held form well. By the time I was done winding it into a center pull ball by hand it really did look like I had a big ball of cotton candy that was just begging to be enjoyed.

Knit Swatch

Copyright William Souza 2014
Copyright William Souza 2014


This yarn knit up quite well. I have to admit I did lighten up my tension when I was working with it which did lend to a little bit of guttering in the stockinette swatch. My own fault there. The yarn has such a nice squish-able nature to it I did not want to chance stretching the yarn and losing that lovely quality. I do think I went a little too gentle with it on my purl side rows and it would have stood up to greater tension without any issues. The yarn was so nice to swatch with I began imagining a myriad of used from squishy baby items to adult garments. For someone who does not like super bulky yarns this yarn won me over. The one detraction I found working with this yarn was that if you hit it with your needle wrong it will cause a pull that is a challenge to work back into place. With that said it wouldn't keep me from working with the yarn again. That's one of the reasons I do swatches; not just for gauge but to see how I need to approach a yarn for the best results. The other positives qualities to it definitely outweigh that one single issue. The yarn even survived the Abuse Olympics without any issues. When it came to tinking (un-knitting) there were absolutely zero issues. The yarn did not stick to itself in any way shape or form. It came apart just as easily as it went together. No fraying, breaking or distorting. There was a little halo effect going on after knitting and ripping apart about a dozen times, which in my book to go a dozen frogs and have minimal haloing is impressive, and what little there was was nothing that couldn't be dealt with by giving the finished item a good soak.

Making a Project

Since this yarn did not have any patterns specifically for it my next venture was to go through the Ravelry pattern database to find something that would work for this yarn. I really was enamored with it I wanted to find something that would really work well with one skein. I ended up finding a patterns called Darn Knit Rasta Hat which is a free pattern. The pattern calls for 70 to 90 yards so I figured it would do fine and it sure did. Once I started casting on I really had a new appreciation for this yarn. It worked so quickly and easily. I worked the entire hat using size 15 16" stainless steel circular needles and then changed the cord to a 40" cord to magic loop the crown since I did not have any size 15 double points. I also extended the hat by two additional rows of the last pattern repeat since it was a little short for my liking. By the time it was done I could easily see using this yarn for adult hats and chunky sweaters. I could also see myself using it to make a super squishy baby blanked or stuffed animal. The colorway, stitch definition, easy of use are all excellent. The only reservation I had for larger projects was the MSRP for this yarn of $19.95. But if I saw the yarn on sale for $15 a skein I'd jump on it in a heart beat.

The yarn definitely needs a hand wash with a laundering product. Once you put the yarn to soak in water for the blocking process you know it's wool. The smell is unmistakable. You definitely can not just wet it and forget it. I added a little mild detergent to some cold water, gave it some gentle shakes, let it rest, went back, shook it up, let it rest, rinsed it a few times; then followed it up with a rinse with some fabric softener and it the wool smell was gone.

Darn Knit Rasta Hat Project

Copyright William Souza 2014
Copyright William Souza 2014

Final Thoughts

All in all I could easily see myself using this yarn again. I would definitely look for a sale if I were looking to make a larger sized item. When it comes to single skein projects buying two skeins would most likely get you two adult hats of the one above and a child size which is not bad. When you start getting into adult size sweaters the overall investment goes up exponentially. Despite price, Mirasol's Ushya Suya is definitely worth trying out. Based on how well the yarn worked up, stitch definition, the fact that I actually liked working with a bulky weight yarn for once, all in all I give this yarn a four and a half stitch markers. If this yarn was a few dollars less in price I would gladly give this yarn five stitch marker review.

Copyright William Souza 2014

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