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Cute and Simple Valentine's Crochet Patterns

Updated on June 10, 2014

Crocheting for Valentine's Day

For those crocheters out there (crafters unite!) here is some more ideas for crocheting for the Holidays. Valentine's day is such a unique holiday with the flowers, candies, and jewelry that people tend to get. But you can jazz it up a little bit with some fun crochet ideas that will be sure to send women cooing, "Awwwww." Whether it's little ones that need a beanie to match an outfit or an embellishment on a dress, there is something for everyone that needs a little love. What a good way to touch something up than by doing it by hand? No one can turn down the art of home-made goods, even crocheting. I have gotten many compliments (even on things that were done fast) and you can too. It's not hard to start and only costs 7-10 bucks for a skein of yarn and a hook. Join the crocheting crowd!

I've gotten you started on the ideas, all you have to do is let those creative juices flow and head on down to YouTube or Ravelry or another site (no of course I am not biased) to get started.

Simple Crochet Heart

Perfect Crochet Heart Pattern

For this video it is simple for beginner crocheters as you can play and pause. Also you can use any size yarn and any size hook making this video perfect for those wanting to make that something special for someone this Valentine's season. I used this heart on my friend's hat I made for her baby. She loved the little heart and how it matched the baby pom on top. I can just imagine all the little goodies you can use this heart on with your own ideas! They are endless!

Crochet Valentine Puffy Heart by Crochet Geek

I Haven't Braved This Heart Yet

The video above would be cute on an ornament or on costume of some sort, but unfortunately, I have not tried to crochet this heart yet. I have wanted to on a number of occasions but I am too afraid of messing it up. I am not one of those Amigurumi wonder crocheters. I bought this expensive book on Amigurumi, some filling, and got to work. About 6 hours later I was dumbfounded. Everything I did was turning out wrong! I have not since tried my hand at crocheting anything that is remotely 3D or stuffed. Maybe if someone sees this and is able to make it send me an email? I would love to see if this was easy or not.

I made this crochet heart from the video above
I made this crochet heart from the video above

So You're a Crocheter, Eh?

If you have some great Hubs, or great ideas, either comment here or message me. I would love to see and hear from you! I enjoy seeing other people's crafts and am always wanting to learn new things! There are so many wonderful ideas spinning around out there and sometimes the only way to know is from other's word of mouth.


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    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 5 years ago from Sin City

      Thank you faythef!

    • faythef profile image

      Faythe F. 5 years ago from USA

      Very cute...

    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 5 years ago from Sin City

      Thank you Wonder wool! No problem, I love Valentine's Day! No pun intended (kind of) Happy crocheting!

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 5 years ago from United States

      Beautiful pattern! Thanks for uploading!!

    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 5 years ago from Sin City

      It took me awhile but the perfect crochet heart was easier than the small crochet heart for me. I found that the one magic ring was easier than the two which is probably the reason I found the perfect crochet heart easier. Thank you very much. I love love love hot pink and that color is great!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      I just learned to make the simple crochet heart--fun stuff! Adding it to a baby beanie is a cute, cute idea. :) Your bright pink heart is sweet.