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Valentine's Day Crafts for Children

Updated on October 13, 2014

Crafty Homemade Valentines!

Is there anything more precious than a child saying "I love you"? How about spending time with your children or students creating works of art to help them express their feelings, or receiving these one of a kind creations? It's such a joy to help children make something that is special to them to decorate their home or to give to another. I've collected some of my favorite children's crafts for Valentine's Day on this page for anyone who may be interested. Some of them are ones I've designed and done with children, others are from websites and videos that I have found helpful. I hope they will be a help to you, also. Have a lovely time with these crafts!!

Clipart from Valentine's Graphics Plus

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Valentine's Lessons, Recipes, & Activities!

Valentine's Day Lesson Plans
Holidays are always a great time to enhance educational learning activities. Adding fun topics into school subjects makes them exciting, creative, and fresh!...

Valentine's Day Crafts for Children
Is there anything more precious than a child saying "I love you"? How about spending time with your children or students creating works of art to h...

Bible Verses for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day: A Celebration of Love!! God has blessed me with very loving family and friends, but the greatest love He has given me comes through His Son,...

Valentine's Day Books for Children
Children love to read about holidays and events! Each holiday we have been known to hunt through the library to find books about the season. The children hav...

Valentine's Day Recipes for Children
Want an easy way to make something to show your family how much you love them on Valentine's Day? Here are some suggestions to get you started! :D Valentine ...

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Heart Envelope
Heart Envelope

Valentine Letters, Cards, & Envelopes

Letter & Envelope in One

Using one of the templates from Mirkwood Designs, trace, cut, and fold your envelope out of colorful tagboard, construction paper, or thin craft foam. Write your Valentine message inside the envelope directly or insert a piece of lined paper to write upon. Draw, paint, add stickers, clipart, sequins, glitter, ribbon, etc., to decorate it. Fold into an envelope and seal with Valentine's Day stickers. Give it to your Valentines with smiles and hugs!!

Mirkwood Designs has a wide selection other templates which would be fun to make into Valentines cards and gift boxes (tagboard would be best for the boxes). Examples are: interlocking cards, petal and flower cards, a heart basket, secret heart card, woven heart, pop-out heart card, and several shapes of boxes to use for Valentine's Day candy to give with your cards.

American Crafts 12-Inch by 12-Inch Cardstock Pack, Valentine, 60-Page
American Crafts 12-Inch by 12-Inch Cardstock Pack, Valentine, 60-Page

Cardstock is wonderful for making cards because they are stronger and more durable. Since it takes time to create notes of love and friendship, isn't it great to have it on a paper that will last longer? =D

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Heart & Flowers
Heart & Flowers

Valentine's Cards with Flowers

Flower Valentines

Create a card for someone extra special with flowers! Cut a heart or card shape out of tagboard. Arrange and attach pieces of dried flowers for decoration on your card.


~ If the pieces are fairly flat on tagboard, laminate over the card for endurance.

~ Spray the card lightly with flowery scented perfume.

~ If dried flowers are not available, try using artificial ones.

~ If neither type of flowers are available, there are several beautiful flower stickers that will do the job!

~ Cut the "cards" out of tagboard, construction paper, felt, or cloth.

~ Attach real or paper lace around the edge of the card.

~ Besides cards, create love banners, decorations, or wall hangings to be framed.

Flower Press Kit
Flower Press Kit

I like to press flowers the old fashioned way (in a heavy book), but if you would like a neater, easier way, I'd recommend a flower press such as the one in this kit. It will help you to dry and preserve your flowers to use in all sorts of crafts such as cards, bookmarks, posters, jewelry, and more! The set includes helpful items such as: the flower press, tags, stencils, tweezers, collection book, beads, clasps, paints and a paintbrush, elastic, and directions.

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Frilly Heart
Frilly Heart

Cookie Cutter Crafts

Valentine's Cookies

What can you create with cookie cutters? An edible craft, of course! Children love to decorate sugar cookies. Enjoy preparing the cookie dough, rolling it out, and cutting fun Valentine shapes. You may use cookie cutters or a butter knife to create the shapes you want. Let the children be creative with different textures and colors of icing. Explore spreading the icing smoothly or make a pattern with a fork or other utensil. Supply them with colorful sprinkles and sugar crystals for their decorating and have tons of fun! Find a sugar cookie recipe

written for kids at Valentine's Day Recipes for Children.

(Ready by the end of the week!)

Valentine's Gifts

After the children enjoy several of their yummy cookies, they may want to share them with classmates, teachers, and neighbors. Check the pages I listed below for some delicious recipes to bake, or make up "Cookie Mix Gift Jars" to give. Attach a heart shaped cookie cutter and Valentine note to the jar to give to loved ones.

Clay Projects

Cookie cutters may also be used to cut shapes out of clay or Sculpey. They may be decorated, painted, and baked to create decorations, paper weights, and other items. Poke a hole through the clay before baking to make a place to thread a ribbon through to hang. Younger children will enjoy using heart, flower, and animal shaped cutters to mold with play-doh.


Cookie cutters also make great shape tracers for drawings or cut outs to use for collages and mobiles. Just use your imagination!

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Love Heart
Love Heart

Valentine Foam Crafts

Craft foam is so easy to work with! You can cut and shape it anyway you want or choose pre-cut shapes. It comes in every color imaginable with regular or sticky back for easy application, and it gives your artwork an exciting 3-D soft touch!

Valentine's Day Cards

We have made cards a few different ways with foam over the years. You may make an "envelope card" like in the above directions with foam if you like. Red, pink, and white foam may be cut out in squares, circles, hearts, or other shapes. Write a Valentine message on it with a non-washable marker. (The washable kind rubs off onto the children's fingers when receiving.) On the front or back you may add "To ___" and "From ____". Glue glitter, sequins, ribbon, or other shapes on the card for decoration. You might want to glue objects on randomly (example - sprinkle glitter), or glue glitter or sequins onto a name or heart shape. The pre-cut, sticky, peel away shapes are easy to add with less mess. We have found them in heart shapes of assorted colors, "conversation hearts" with words, x's and o'x, and others.

Valentine's Bookmarks

Cut craft foam into bookmark sized rectangles. Decorate with suggestions from above. If you would like to add a ribbon, make a small hole with a hole puncher, string a ribbon or two through it, and tie.

Photo Frames

Out of a large piece of plain craft foam, cut out a rectangle or other shape to be the frame around your photo. Cut the same shape out of the inside of the piece to make a hole for your picture. The frame should be about 1" thick. If your photo is 4" x 6", for instance, the inside rectangle should be 4" x 6" with the outside of the frame 6" x 8". Just add 2" beyond the size of your photo. Decorate with any of the above suggestions. (We used the pre-cut hearts!) After the glue dries, flip the frame over and place the photo face down in the open space. Tape the 4 sides of the photo to the frame. Attach a 1" piece of magnetic tape on the top and bottom if you would like to use it on a refrigerator or other metal surface. Attach one end of a piece of yarn or ribbon on the left corner, and the other end on the right corner if you would like your frame to be hangable.

Puzzle Cards

Glue the back of a photo flat onto craft foam. The peel and stick sheets work well for this. Cut out the picture and foam leaving a 1/2" edge around the picture. Cut into desired puzzle pieces. Place pieces in a ziplock bag with notes to give as Valentines.

Foam Rose Craft

Craft Foam Products

Foam-Sheets 5-1/2-Inch-by-8-1/2-Inch, 50-Pack, Rainbow Colors
Foam-Sheets 5-1/2-Inch-by-8-1/2-Inch, 50-Pack, Rainbow Colors

Use these sheets as a base to glue on other shapes or decorations via stickers, other foam shapes, markers, glitter, paint, etcetera, or use them to cut into your favorite shapes such as hearts, cards, photo frames, bookmarks, or whatever your creativity dreams up!

Foam Craft Workshop
Foam Craft Workshop

"Awesome technology combines the fun of wood working with the safety and ease of foam crafting. Kid-safe and fun. Just guide the foam patterns through the machine. Low temperature wire heats up and magically glides through the foam. Includes paint and glue to create a variety of fun foam craft projects. Operates on 2 D batteries (not included)."

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Create with Sculpey

Hugs vs. Kisses Tic Tac Toe Game

Directions to make this fun game out of Sculpey are found at the Sculpey website.


Make beads by rolling balls out of sculpey and gently poking a hole through them with a pencil. Create other shape and size beads such as hearts. Bake as directed on the package. When cooled, you may paint them if desired. String the beads onto a piece of string or yarn to make a necklace or bracelet.

Pins & Buttons

Keeping the back side flat, create a Valentine design such as a heart, cupid, or flower. The cookie cutters I mentioned in the other section help tremendously to do this. Firmly but carefully insert a pin clip into the back of your pin. You may find these at most craft stores. Bake, paint, and voila!


Create with sculpey the same as the pins above, but with no pin. After baked and cooled, attach a piece of magnetic strip on the back so you may place it on your refrigerator or other metal location.

Valentine Candy Dish

The directions for this craft ask for salt dough, but I think sculpey would work well, also.

Country Heart

This beautiful decoration will look nice hanging in your home.


Several years ago I made a rose out of sculpey in the classroom at the Crayola factory. I was surprised at how pretty it turned out. Directions for a similar rose are found at All Free Crafts.

Sculpey III Oven Bake Clay Sampler 1oz, 30/pkg
Sculpey III Oven Bake Clay Sampler 1oz, 30/pkg

Sculpey is a soft clay that stays soft without drying out until you bake it to make permanent. Sculpt, bend, roll, cut, and paint it any way you wish! My children have made tons of fun things with it!

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Crayola 3D Heart Pouch

Crayola Crafts

The Crayola website has numerous Valentine's Day coloring pages, craft projects to create with several art mediums, e-cards, and multi-curricular lesson plans for teachers.

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Chocolate Kiss Mouse

Candy Hearts

Candy Valentine hearts are so enjoyable to read, share, and taste, but what are some ways to give them to your Valentines?

Use Candies in Decorations

If you are baking sugar cookies, cupcakes, or cake for a party or gathering, add candy hearts on top after applying icing for a cute look!

Ways to Give Them to Your Loved Ones

~ Buy a huge bag of hearts! Distribute hearts into plastic zip bags and tape a Valentine card on the outside of the bag.

~ Wrap a handful of candies in pink or lavender cellophane and tie with a ribbon to hand out with your cards.

~ Print out heart-shaped box and container templates (or one of the other style boxes) from Milkwood Designs to create a small tagboard box to decorate and give treats!

Lollipop Rose

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Baby Cupid
Baby Cupid

Valentine Craft Videos

How to Do Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: Video Series by Courtney Hester at eHow contains the following videos.

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Card for Kids

~ Making Valentine's Day Heart Animals for Kids

~ How to Make a Homemade Valentine for Kids

~ How to Make a Heart Suncatcher Valentine for Kids

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Butterfly for Kids

~ How to Make a Heart Necklace Valentine for Kids

~ Making a Kids Valentine's Day Feet Card

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Bookmark for Kids

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Heart Person for Kids

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Key Chain for Kids

~ How to Paint a Valentine's Day Card for Kids

~ Making a Valentine's Day Heart Wreath for Kids

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Mobile for Kids

~ How to Make a Valentine's Day Tote Bag for Kids

~ Making a Valentine's Day Woven Tote Bag for Kids

Look on the right side of the page for related videos and articles.

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids: Video Series by Stacey Scheideler at eHow contains:

~ Making a Valentine Holder With a Paper Plate

~ Making Homemade Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

~ Making Stuffed Valentine's Day Decorations for Kids

~ More Stuffed Valentine's Day Decorations for Kids

~ Making Valentine's Day Heart Cards for Kids

~ Making Valentine's Day Card Holders With Paper Plates for Kids

~ Making Holiday Valentine's Cards With Your Kids

~ Perfecting a Valentine's Day Heart for Kids

~ Making Pop-Up Valentine's Day Cards With Your Kids

~ More Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

~ Box Holders for Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

~ Making Valentine's Day Card Box Holders for Kids

~ Making Shiny Heart Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

~ Making Heart & Hand Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

~ Making Heart People Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

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Find More Valentine Craft Ideas

Scissor Crafts for Kids has some adorable Valentine crafts to print out to make all sorts of cards and crafts. Some of the ideas they suggest are very sweet for gift giving.

All Free Crafts has a fantastic section of kid's crafts and recipes along with directions for harder crafts, also.

The Idea Box has a list of over 70 easy-to-make crafts for kids plus other activities for the holiday.

Kinder Art has many Valentine's Day crafts, lessons and activities for children to enjoy making!

Kaboose's Valentine's Day Crafts page has a ton of crafts, cards, and party ideas that are easy and fun to do!

Enchanted Learning has an entire page full of activities, crafts, and cards for Valentine's Day! Mini books, spelling, and other language arts materials may also be printed out.

DLTK's Valentine's Day craft index has ideas to create regular, religious, and educational Valentine's crafts, card holders, and wreaths.

Younger children will enjoy the variety of crafts from Danielle's Place.

Disney's Family Fun has directions for a sweet variety of homemade Valentine's Day candies to give and a clever jewerly crafts to give as gifts.

Activity Village has some creative easy crafts for kids to make with everyday objects plus bookmarks, scrapbook pages, coloring pages, cards, puzzles, and more. has another large list of Valentine's Day Family Projects for everyone such as: Creative Valentine Treats, Valentine Pictures to Color, Make Valentine's Day Cards, Valentine Treat Holders, More Valentine's Day Crafts, Valentine's Day Gifts, Valentine Games, Valentine's Day Printables, and St. Valentine's Day Crafts and Activities .

Little Blots has wonderful "Jesus Loves Me" Bible Lesson Links for crafts, lessons, and activities for children!

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Puffy Heart

Do your children or students prefer to give store bought cards and presents or homemade ones?

Button Craft


God's Love for You

is the Greatest Love!

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Valentine's Day Unit Study
Valentine's Day Unit Study

Free Valentine's Day eBook!

Valentine's Day Book by Simple Schooling Unit Studies: coloring, writing, spelling, and other activities in this free ebook from CurrClick! ~ Grades PK - 2.

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Happy Valentine's Day Crafting! - What types of crafts do you make for Valentine's Day?

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