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Victor Nunes - Excellent creativity using everyday objects

Updated on November 17, 2015
Victor Nunes
Victor Nunes

Victor Nunes - Combination of food and simple illustrations

Victor Nunes - The artist

I am lucky to have found this great inspiring artist Victor Nunes and decided to write a hub on his creativity which is beyond imagination. At first look these artworks looks so simple that we think we can easily do all this but we fail because that's the imagination of the artist. Of course we can copy what he has already done but making something new is a real difficult task. I tried these with some success which may be because i am fairly good at sketching. Trying these with simple everyday objects is real fun.

Victor Nunes is an artist from Sao Polo, Brazil. He joined facebook in January 2014 and since then he has over 1500 followers with 19,000 likes. Little is known about the artist as he has written very less information in the about section of his facebook profile. I thank him for deciding to showcase his art on internet through which we as ordinary artist can try to think the unthinkable and get a lot of inspiration from his works.

What he does with everyday objects is amazing and we see a combination of some objects with simple illustrations which gives such beautiful result. Now each time i eat pop corns or biscuits i try to figure out what face each popcorn look like or how can i combine a simple drawing with a piece of biscuit.

Victor Nunes - Combination of waste and simple illustrations

Best out of waste

Little we find such brilliant creative mind which surprise us to an extent that we actually need time to believe it. I found few of these images while surfing something else on internet i remember i ignored it completely may be because this was not something i was searching for. But next time i don't know how but i clicked on one of his images and i was surprised to see a whole lot of similar art pieces. Beautiful, creative, an extremely imaginative mind, awesome, wonderful, wow and all best possible words that can fit to appreciate this wonderful artist Victor Nunes.

Be is pencil shavings, or tablets cover or toffees wrappers or bottle caps or waste seeds and the list can go endless because many such things goes into dustbins daily. Nunes combines such waste material with again some illustrations like cartoons or action or faces.

Pencil shavings are used to make the head part, clothes, fans and even a lion face. Same way waste bottle caps has been used in place of eyes, and tablet covers are placed to make faces or car headlights, toffee wrappers are also used in place of dress and hairs. Many more such artowrks can be found on Victor Nunes facebook page as these are just some of them.

Victor Nunes - Combination of illustrations and everyday objects

Best art idea using everyday objects

Yes these are indeed the best possible idea we can think to make art using everyday items that we see or use daily. Everyday objects are many like if you go the the kitchen you can see many utensils that can be used to create an artwork like Nunes has used spoons, the in the bathrooms you see shaving blades and hair brushes on the dressing table, you can pick leaves and flower petals that are lying in the garden area, or pencils or pens in your stationary pack.

Hair pins can really make this? I have never seen a better way to use my hair pins before this one, He has combined hair pins with lot of illustrations like faces which includes a dog face, a book , gift wrapping etc.

Then you see paper clips and hair brushes combined with drawings and down you see how he has placed 4 spoons to show the hairs. He has used many everyday objects like flower petals, buttons, leaves, silver foils etc in his illustrations.

Victor Nunes - Faces

Faces using coffee and creams

In the first image that you see is actually a cloth which is placed in such a way by the artist that it makes many face expression. Down you can see are illustrations using only liquid which i think is cold drink, well i am not sure....may be that's coffee. The first one where we see birds and tree branches is reall difficult task to do practically....looks simple though.

The last image is actually cream spread on a piece of bread. Many more faces where artist has used bread and creams mostly and also he has done many faces using coffee cream which are just wonderful. I have seen one of his artwork where he has used a banana to create a face which was just beautiful. Hard to believe that it was actually a banana.

So don't miss amazing artworks by Victor Nunes as he keeps uploading new works regularly using many different objects.

Click on Amazing art by Victor Nunes.


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    • rudra007 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from India

      Yeah very true Wonder wool. And please don't miss his facebook page which is full of such artworks.

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 

      4 years ago from United States

      This is simply Wow!!! Never can imagine such simple tools to make awesome pictures :) Thanks for Sharing!!


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