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Vintage Mermaid AND Vintage Mermaid Reproductions

Updated on December 22, 2011
A Beautiful actress and model who owns some of my mermaids.  A wonderful person.  DO NOT COPY THIS PHOTO PLEASE.  I OWN IT.
A Beautiful actress and model who owns some of my mermaids. A wonderful person. DO NOT COPY THIS PHOTO PLEASE. I OWN IT.

Vintage Versus Reproduction

Vintage mermaids made by such companies as Lefton, Ceramicraft, Py, Freeman McFarlin and Norcrest to name a few, are making a big splash and have been for a few years now. I am realizing those valued collectibles are becoming more and more elusive. While still available on some auction sites and occassionally from estate sales, they are not as plentiful as they once were. You will find the large majority displayed on collectors' walls. Still, they are to be found but the quality is not always there. Often times they are not to be considered in very good condition.

On the other hand, there are reproductions. I have some that are absolutely beautiful and I have bought others that screamed home-made! If you can locate someone who does quality reproductions (I do them myself for fun and profit}, then bingo. You can have quality mermaids at quality prices, even custom made to your own specifications. I know some collectors who collect both - vintage and reproductions. It is all a matter of taste and choice. Some collectors will buy only the vintage mermaids while others will buy both vintage mermaids and mermaid reproductions. I find that my reproductions blend very well with my vintage collectibles. They all display nicely on my walls.

Where do you look for vintage seahorses, vintage mermaids and all of the vintage collectables that you love? I bought many of mine from ebay. I usually would buy most of them in the summer, which I considered the "off" season to buy. Prices really dropped. However, there seems to be a few sellers who have "cornered" the market there. They buy from everyone on ebay they can buy from, much cheaper of course, then they resell for way too much money. That seems to be the only way to get them - you know, mortgage your home. I would suggest searching the internet and comparing prices before buying any vintage collectables. There are a few reputable auction sites out there plus reputable stores that have been around for awhile, where sellers have stores and list their vintage items for sale. I have found some nice vintage seahorses and mermaids online. I always check out the sellers before I purchase anything. Check out their return policy and rating. Estate sales can sometimes be fruitful. I even twice found vintage mermaids at yard sales! Of course, that does not happen often. Obviously, the sellers did not know what they were selling but I sure knew what I was buying! If you are a "newbie" and not very knowledgeable about vintage mermaids, there are books you can buy from Amazon.

As for vintage mermaid reproductions, I have seen wonderful and I have seen dreadful. I make them myself and I know the difference, believe me. Again, you have to know or be able to find out something about the artist making the reproductions. I use quality products on my mermaids. I know what glue to use to really hold the vintage jewelry securely in place. I use expensive glitter, lacquer, and paint. I use lots of vintage jewelry. Not just anything will do. I take pride in what I do. I can't speak for everyone else. I do know a celebrity who bought several mermaids from me. I have to admit I am proud of that fact. I will post a picture of her in this article but I am not going to give her name. I do not want to try to "cash in" on her name to make money. Most of you will not recognize her anyway. She is painted as a mermaid. Cool, right?

BEWARE: I have sold on several auction sites and I am not calling any names. But, I have seen artists make vintage mermaid reproductions and promote and sell them as vintage. They were reported by myself and several other reputable mermaid artists, but to no avail. I do not know how they got by with this, but they did. The sad part is, the buyers did not know the difference! The experienced collector would know. So, I am primarily talking to the not so experienced collectors. I always let people know if my items for sale are vintage or vintage reproductions. I might title them vintage mermaids BUT I tell you in my descriptions, that I made them.

I hope my article has helped you. Feel free to contact me and I will get back with you. Thank you for reading.


Another Diva I Created
Another Diva I Created
A DIfferent View
A DIfferent View
Close up of headpiece I made for her using vintage jewelry.
Close up of headpiece I made for her using vintage jewelry.
The pictures show the beautiful colors of her scales nicely.
The pictures show the beautiful colors of her scales nicely.


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    • Im The Nana profile imageAUTHOR

      Im The Nana 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      THank you for the comments.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      More beautiful mermaids! Such intricate detail. Who is the celebrity?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am overwhelmed. I need to get in contact with you. I want several mermaids just like the ones you have pictured. I will email you. Thanks


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