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Visual Elements of the Loboda's Paintings

Updated on January 15, 2014
Painting by Taras' father, famed Ukrainian artist, Ivan Ivanovich Loboda
Painting by Taras' father, famed Ukrainian artist, Ivan Ivanovich Loboda

Understanding Art Composition

What is the element of designing? Do you know? As a painter, you should be able to ask yourself that very question. The element of design believe it or not, is one of your main motivational reasons behind painting an object in the first place. Did you know that? Well it is true. Do you know why that is? If you are new to the art world, and are just starting to paint, write poetry, or any artistic expression- please allow me to explain to you, the basic elements and principles of design.

Great artists; classically train or otherwise, have a sound vision of what their main focus of design will be. Especially when they decide to create a project, that may or may not have their name of it. It is called the element of design. It is that element in which something ordinary, can be bent into something magical. However, if an artist does not truly understand the basic principles of design, how then do you suppose they are capable of perceiving an idea in the first place? Not even Van Gogh was that talented of a painter, to assume he could paint something, and not know the space from where his ideas were coming from. As an artists, I'm sure you would rather create something to bear meaning. That can be reflected as something unique and spiritual, for the rest of us to see and share.

The first step to painting is realizing that nobody in the art world agrees to what the element of design is. Currently, not even the basic elementary levels of education can agree on certain definitions, when it comes to terms and definitions to speak art lingo. There claims are, "the less we "confuse" the students the better." Which I can agree to, but, don't stop teaching the basics. The simple basics to applying constructive inspirations, is to start with an idea. The next step is then to study that idea, and applying it to your creation. For some really fun and interesting tips with regards to applying yourself, I would go to the Percy Principles of Composition, read it and enjoy.

Loboda's Titianna Collection

  • I chose Taras Loboda's Titianna, or the Lady in Red as I like to call her, as an example of how these basic definitions come together, to define meaning. Taras Loboda is a classically trained artist. However, it takes someone with a gifted talent, to be able to completely transform something ordinary, into something magical. From the moment Taras started this collection, you can tell that he had a clear idea of what his element of design was going to be. It is also obvious that he wanted certain principles to burst forth from his painting, and for them to breath life out among his audiences. When you physically gaze upon these paintings, which a computerized photograph does not even come close to looking like the actual work itself, you get a clear sense of his vision. From (the elements of) the ravishing red hues, to heavy (depth) of her cloaked veil..., Taras Loboda's, Titianna collection has left his international fan club, begging for more.

Professor Bartel's Visual Effects and Principles of Design

ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN from Marvin Bartel, a retired art professor and ceramic artist.

Professor Bartel teaches that

"An element is one of those most basic visible things. In science, the elements are on the periodic chart. In art, it is an element if it is visible and there is nothing more simple or basic to define it. For example, color and value are very different elements, but they always exist in combination with each other. For that matter, color always exist in combination with "saturation", but nobody includes "saturation" in their list of elements, but value is one every list. Saturation (intensity) sometimes shows up in the description of a principle, but generally saturation is neither an element or a principle."

Professor Bartel on his two Principles of Design, which I find to be the most accurate and simplistic definitions;

1. A principle can be used to describe an operational cause and effect such as "bright things come forward and dull things recede".

2. On the other hand, a principle can describe a high quality standard to strive for such as "unity is better than chaos" or "variation beats boredom" in a painting. So, the same word, "principle" can be used for very different purposes.

  • Using Professor Bartel's ideology, a principle is something comprehensible, that can be repeatedly and dependably worked together in with elements. In order to produce a visual effect, that expresses a value in a composition. Words that express "values" in the art world, are defined as things in conceptual motion. Words like presence, depth, unity, balance, simulating, big, small, etc..., are some of the most often used terms, to describe a basic principle in a painting. When someone says, "your painting is so life like, or that is was simulating." They are expressing judgment about the composition. Judgment in regards to the painting values, as Professor Bartel likes to say, "is another way to think of the principles by the design." Simply put, principles are expressed values of motion. Which happens to be the first definition to the theory of principle effects by design.

Titanna Collection by Taras Loboda


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  • Pamela N Red profile image

    Pamela N Red 

    7 years ago from Oklahoma

    My favorite color. :o)

  • RKHenry profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    Hey Billy, thanks for the compliment.

  • billyaustindillon profile image


    8 years ago

    Beautiful - some of these reds are amazing - not to mention the expressions. thanks for sharing.

  • RKHenry profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

    You know, I absolutely agree with you Katyzzz. Good to see you around.

  • katyzzz profile image


    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    What a beautiful collection, RK, such visual folds of the red fabric and the lady's skin, lips and most of all eyes.


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