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Visual Representation of Odommo Chattagram Uthshob, Boundless Chittagong Celebration

Updated on July 30, 2015

Odommo Chattagram Uthshob, Boundless Chittagong Celebration

Name of the Television Commercial: Odommo Chattagram Uthshob

Client: The Daily Star

Agency: Gray Advertising Bangladesh Ltd.

A Film by Indigenous Visual Arts

Found From:

The aim of the Television Commercial is to portray Chittagong Division to increase the reputation of the prominent English newspaper of Bangladesh, The Daily Star.

The Television Commercial starts with an indigenous instrument player who plays his instrument, Plum, beside Teknaf beach in front of the rising sun. Then we see the sunlight goes one hill to another and then the gloomy winter morning in Chittagong city arises. After that the TVC starts to represent believe that is practiced in Chittagong people with a praying boy in the graveyard (traditionally people of Chittagong visit and pray for their death relatives in the graveyard after midday prayer in Friday). However, this TVC represents the daily life, fish related culture, industrialization, religious practices, ethnicity and natural beauty of Chittagong Division. The visual illustration of Odommo Chattagram is illustrated in my essay.

Daily Life of Chittagong represented with different ways in this TVC. A school going boy calling his friend and some school going boy visiting hill in the midday represent the school culture; school going boys escape from school and hiking the new hill every day is a common fact in Chittagong. In addition, a girl is boldly cycling beside the graffiti of freedom fighter representation at the same time freedom of the country and freedom of women. Little boys are playing cricket on the beach shows the early young pleasure. In Bangladesh, Pigeon represents piece. Pigeon are flying in the city, in the mosque, in the market place, in the electric wear represent that Chittagong is full of piece and pleasure. Special kind of Jeep carrying too much people in the hill tract called Chander Gar, Car of Moon, is also part of Daily life in the Chittagong hill tract areas.

The fisherman’s boats in the middle sea and the fish market, a customer checking the fish in the fish market represent the tradition of fish culture in Chittagong. Again, Boast culture of Chittagong is also established by representing the billboard (the masculinity of man) in front of Sunmer and Billboard in the middle of the road. Moreover, the huge container in the port, a large ship on the shore, and some green dressed women works in the garments depict the industrialization of Chittagong.

Depiction of Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism are signify the religious practice sand believes. A bald headed boy standing with a women picture depicts the ritual of Hindu son after his mother’s death. Furthermore, different mosque, old temples, pagodas, people with red and orange dresses, shrine with prayers illustrate the practice of believe that contains Chittagong.

The TVC starts and ended with the indigenous ethnicity of Chittagong. In the middle of the TVC we also see that, many Rakhaine people play musical instrument Rakhaine women dance with the rhythm. Furthermore, two men fighting with each other with particular system that one of the ethnic ritual and every fear of Chittagong arrange that fighting. This king of fighting is called Bolikhela, Death game.

Within showing the cultures of Chittagong the TVC include the natural beauty of Chittagong. In the beginning of the TVC we see, the white flowers dancing with the wind. Sculpture like tree under the cobalt blue sky and sun represent the natural beauty of Chittagong. The bus goes through on the hill tract road visualizing the mystical sea and the hill.

In conclusion, I chose this TVC because I found the ethnicity of Chittagong and Nationalism of Bangladesh. Again, I didn’t found strong biasness of the TVC and the advertisement has a nice chronology that starts with the morning and finish with the afternoon and then include the general themes of Chittagong.


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