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Walking on Eggshells: Making Holiday Ornaments From Blown Out Egg Shells

Updated on December 4, 2012

Examples of Egg Shell Ornament Gifts

An Army of Santa Eggs
An Army of Santa Eggs
Mrs. Claus Egg
Mrs. Claus Egg
Santa Egg
Santa Egg

Humpty Dumpty Santa

If you are looking for a great Holiday crafting project look no further. The cost is practically free depending on what you have laying around your house. I have shown examples of the gifts my fiancé and I made for both of our families last year. Each egg has the person's name and the year on the back of the egg in metallic marker. In previous years we have painted the eggs and then put the names on in light paint. This is an excellent way to display your eggshells if you happen to be an avid backyard chicken enthusiast like myself.


  1. Clean Eggs
  2. Poke holes in each tip of the egg with a sewing needle and carefully blow out insides into a bowl - Time for some scrambled eggs
  3. Rinse the inside of the egg and allow to dry.
  4. Pull cotton balls apart and roll into small "snakes" that will wrap around the base of the hat.
  5. Cut out red felt triangles that will roll into cones to make the hat. Attach the hat base to the hat with hot glue gun.
  6. Attach a pom pom of cotton to the top of the Santa hat.
  7. On the egg itself start by painting a face, start with just the whites of the eyes and let them dry before adding the next coats of paint.
  8. Pull more cotton into the shape of a beard. Attach hat and beard to egg as desired.
  9. Voila! You have a one of a kind Christmas ornament that makes a great keepsake gift!


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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

      This is a cute idea. Also they would be very light-weighted to hang on a tree. The personalization is always an extra nice touch.