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Water Color Painting Techniques for Beginners

Updated on November 25, 2010

Water Color Paintings

A mixture of Wet n Dry Techniques
A mixture of Wet n Dry Techniques
Dry Brush Technique
Dry Brush Technique
Wet-in-wet Technique
Wet-in-wet Technique
Dry Brush Technique
Dry Brush Technique

Water Color Techniques

Water color is a painting medium the pigments are water based in this medium. The techniques being used in water color are very unique because all other mediums have resemblance to one another but there is no alternate to water color. Difficulty in applying water color occurs due to the transparency of the medium, any color applied once in water color cannot be hidden by reapplying the color. On the contrary in other mediums re-coating color can hide previous color applications. To maintain precision in painting small areas should be painted once and than color should be applied on other areas. As in other mediums a very light even wash can be given before going for detailed painting. Mistakes can also be minimized by drawing a very faint outline of the objects on paper before starting to paint.

Wet-in-wet Technique of Painting:

A very distinctive and famous technique in water color painting is wet-in-wet technique. Many novice students can use this technique because it brings painterly effect to the people who see it. in this technique color is applied to the paper while it is wet with water the way color flows on the paper and creates shades and tints is difficult to achieve in dry technique. Sometimes painters use this technique to give abstract effect to the painting.

Dry Brush Technique:

This is another technique in which the artist moisten the brush in such a way that the brush does not hold excess water but it is only moist and then he dab it in color and apply it on the paper which is dry. This technique is used by the artists to create precise objects and shapes. When made with perfection it cannot be discerned from the oil paint. This method needs much more perfection than wet-in-wet technique. 


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    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 7 years ago from Pakistan


    • Lightuponlight profile image

      Lightuponlight 7 years ago

      Ver useful info.The paintings are beautiful. I jhave always wanted to try water color, because it is so enviromental friendly. Thanks for sharing!