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Art: Watercolor Painting For The Beginner

Updated on October 2, 2019

Add Something Special To Your Watercolors

You don't have to be skilled to paint with watercolors. You just have to have the desire to create. There are many things you could paint. Maybe a nice landscape to hang above the sofa? Or how about an abstract to go with that new contemporary look you've got going on? If you want to work small you might like making your own greeting cards.

Unlike oil painting, watercolor painting is done on a flat surface so that the water won't run down the paper as it would if it were on an easel, Although you do absorb the water with your brush or with paper towel, you do have to control the of amount of liquid that's on the paper at any given time.

Another thing people always think about watercolors is that they're all pastel because the color is diluted with the water. Actually, you just use the amount of water necessary to do the job. It could be that you don't need much all. Watercolor paintings have many colors. They can be any shade of brilliant red, orange or blue, deep sea green, magenta, or yellow.

To get started you'll need:

  • small flat brush
  • 16 oz water bucket
  • spray bottle
  • paper towel
  • sponge
  • primary color paint tubes
  • watercolor painting pad
  • paint shirt

First, fill your water bottle and bucket with fresh water. Next you lay out your paper, watercolors, brushes, and paper towel. If you're using a painting pad the paper is already stretched. If you're doing it yourself you'll need a board and a staple gun. You wet the paper in the bathtub, and pull it out and smooth it out onto the board. Next you staple in around the edges making sure to avoid all bumps. You let the paper dry for several hours or use a blow dryer. The paper must dry completely before starting.

What comes next is your imagination. You can do whatever you want on this paper. First you mist the paper all over. After you do this a few times you'll be able to better gauge the amount of water necessary for what you want to paint. Then you mix the colors you'd like to try on your painting on a plate or whatever you've got to mix color. You can buy special trays with different compartments to sequester the colors from one another.

Watercolor artists paint landscapes, flower pictures, still life, portraits, three-dimensional works, abstracts and more. It's totally up to you what you put on your paper. You can paint and then glue jewels, fabric, glitter, whatever you choose onto the paper. Anything goes. If you want to make a painting, or work of art as you may choose to call it, out of pinks and peaches and baby blue and lavender, satin, lace, and baby's breath go for it. If you choose to use leather, silver trinkets, watch parts, beads, or anything of that nature, that's creative as well and very interesting and different.You can tear the edges of painted paper and mount them onto your paper with little paper squares underneath.You can use a candle to make a moon on your piece of art. All you do is color in circle with the candle or you can use Misket, and then paint over it. It won't absorb the paint where the circle is drawn.

There are so many things you can do with watercolor painting to make it interesting. You can try the above ideas or invent your own. The point is to have fun.


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