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Watercolor techniques book review - learn from the pros for better water-colour art

Updated on May 19, 2011

Great watercolor techniques

First impressions of the Handbook of Watercolor Tips & Techniques are one of a quality compact book, absolutely packed with information on watercolor techniques. The book is 25mm thick by 160mm x 220mm making it a nice size to handle. You will find everything you need to start painting in watercolour, increase your skills with the wealth of watercolor techniques or just be inspired by the art shown with-in the pages.

Unfortunately the cover for such a sized book is paperback (the sample I have) and that means the cover will damage easily and warp. Not a bad thing but I like to keep my books in good condition and hate the corners rolling up.

Superb watercolour techniques book packed with information
Superb watercolour techniques book packed with information

Like most books highlighting watercolor techniques, the book covers a variety of categories with the main categories Starting to Paint, From Sketch to Painting, Perspective, Depth & Distance and Mood & Atmosphere. Within these main categories there is a wealth of information, from materials & elements of a painting, to aerial perspective and much more in between.

The watercolor techniques and tips within this book includes 20 step-by-step demonstrations with simple instructions and expert advice. This allows you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you gain reading Watercolour Tips and Techniques.

The watercolor techniques projects in the book are laid out in such a fashion as to be easy to follow, clear and informative, with enough steps to give you the confidence to give it a go yourself. Each project also has a list of the colours you will need to complete the project. With some projects having up to 39 clear and informative steps, you won’t go far wrong.

One aspect that sticks out for me is the fact the book highlights the need and use of sketchbooks, drawing and sketching in general. Sketchbooks are the ideas collection and foundation of much of the work you might be doing and are a gold mine of unique information into your work.

Snow scenes, frosty mornings, stormy skies and harbours to name but a few subjects are covered in this great little book.

Watercolour techniques for all abilities

Informative projects laid out with clear step-by-step images
Informative projects laid out with clear step-by-step images
Clear, deatiled information for any atercolour artist
Clear, deatiled information for any atercolour artist

Good points for Watercolour Tips & Techniques

  • Relatively compact, and an ideal book to have near your workstation or take with you.
  • Packed with information for the watercolour artists, both young and old, experienced and novice.
  • Clear concise presentation of the material
  • Inspirational watercolour art

 Bad points for Watercolour Tips & Tricks

  • The version I had was paperback and at 25mm thick would soon become worn looking, especially the cover.
  •  A lot of information covering a wide variety of subject matter, which some newcomers to watercolour might find daunting.

A little about the authors

Arnold Lowrey
Arnold Lowrey has been painting in a variety of media for over twenty five years. His motivation has been the use of light in painting, but he new experiments more with colour and texture. His seascapes are especially vibrant and full of movement.

Wendy JelbertWendy
Jelbert studied sculpture, abstract art, pottery and printmaking at Southampton College of Art. She is a teacher and professional artists who works in pastels, oils, acrylics, inks and watercolour. Wendy demonstrates and lectures to art groups throughout the south of England. A great artist with galleries in Cornwall, Hampshire and London exhibiting her work.

Geoff Kersy
Geoff Kersy is an experienced watercolourist and is much in demand as a teacher and demonstrator. With his flowing washes and intuitive use of colour, he captures the essence of his subjects. Geoff lives and works in the Peak District and runs regular watercolour painting breaks and workshops. He exhibits extensively and many of his paintings are inspired by the landscape surrounding him.

Barry Herniman
Barry Herniman had his first solo exhibition of watercolours in Rodd-on –Wye in 1991 and he soon went on to pursue painting full-time. He now travels extensively tutoring workshops and demonstrating and has exhibitions in England, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Lear from the pros with this great watercolour techniques book


As an artist myself I look at these books with a critical but fair eye and will give you my honest opinion. This watercolour techniques book is one to watch and if you are looking to better your skills in watercolour painting then the Handbook of Watercolour Tips & Techniques is worth every penny.

20 great projects, expert advice and a wealth of information. All this and more is packed into 376 pages of a well-presented and well-printed book. A nice sized watercolour techniques book at 160mm x 220mm x 25mm that will be a great addition to any budding artists watercolour reference material.


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