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Web Design - How to make any website more profitable from your visitors

Updated on April 18, 2014

Why every website owner needs to read this.

I have designed over 500 websites in the past 16 years and have found one very effective method of web design: Making your site profitable for your company.

It is true that a website needs to be attractive and professional looking, but if it is not designed to make you a profit, it is wasting your visitors' time and your money.

When I say it is wasting your money, you may be spending money on a domain name like a .COM or web hosting. Maybe you are spending money with your web designer.

Are you getting a return on investment for your website costs?

My company now analyzes websites to make them more profitable for their owners.

If your website is not making you money, I could analyze it in a video and show you the weak parts, but also how to strengthen them to make your business more money.

If you are not getting a positive return on investment for your website, it is wasting your money

When I analyze a business's website, most of my clients tell me that they have never had a positive return on investment for their website. They may be wasting money to their expensive web designer or worse, wasting time doing it themselves.

Are you wasting money on these services?

  • expensive web design firm
  • web hosting fees
  • domain name like a .COM
  • wasted time designing it yourself
  • paying an employee to design your website

I have turned around profitability for my website analysis clients, because I move elements around the website that make more money for your website.

If you are not getting a positive return on investment, you need someone to analyze your website to show you why and to help you make more money with your website.

Tip #1: Always start every web page with a call to action

We know from grammar school that a verb is an action. Website-related verbs can be "Call", "Click" or "Buy".

Call to actions are important, because they tell your website visitor to take, well, action. Without a call to action, your visitors will be allowed to wander aimlessly on your website and then exit out at the end without taking any action.

When added a call to action, you can usually use a button or an image with some wording that says "Click here to purchase our product" or "Call us at our toll free number for more information".

If your website is a membership based website where your visitors can join, then a call to action such as "Join Now" is the most important element on your website.

Tip #2: Add the important elements to the top of every web page

When I analyze a client's website, I usually notice that all the important elements are at the bottom where your website visitors do not usually scroll.

These elements need to be added to the top of every page:

  • Your phone number to call
  • social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Call to actions like click here, buy now, call us, join us
  • If you have a blog, your RSS feed (very important)
  • forms that people need to fill out like a contact form or a lead form

Anything that you want people to read needs to be on top.


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