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Web Site Developing Phases | Silüet Tanıtım

Updated on March 1, 2016

We are in communication from the beginning of the first life form started 3.7 billion years ago.

Our population today is 7.5 billion

3.5 billion internet users, 1.2 billion web sites.

Competition is going to be more difficult by increasing of these numbers

Web site developing phases

Stages of an effective web site

Communication, research, planning, development, design, testing, launch, technical support.

COMMUNICATION: For healthy mass communication firstly agency and company communication should be strong.

During this period the company's objectives, expectations, target audiences and communication channels, etc. to be queried.

RESEARCH: Unused communication paths should be investigated.

- Purpose is to make the project to be worthy. To provide the communication infrastructure which wil strengthen the company against his competitors in the global and local markets.

PLANNING: web site menu structure, category structure, galleries, additional information, additional software..

- It should be based on user actions. Visitors should not be lost on the page, they need to find quickly what they are searching for.

DEVELOPMENT: Contains all codings, animation, routing plans to be used in the content.

Functional benefits should be given; The “additional benefit” of creating SEO infrastructure we can define as a functional benefit.

DESIGN: So far the magic emerged after the synthesizing all the information we’ve got till now with visuals we call “web design”.

The integration of the design with softare as well as unique design is very important for representation of the company.

TESTING: After design and software all the final controls should be carefully done. Visual or software errors, may adversely affect the corporate image.

Site speed, browser / device adaptation, the encoding tests, retina settings and much more should be successfully passed.

LAUNCH: After successfully completing all phases it’s time for providing website to users!

This dedicated team now has a new baby and no doubt that there will be support when exceeding all the challenges of the Internet world.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: For effective sustainability web site always must be dynamic and updated.

Contains “everything” about visual compatibility, search engine optimizations, online advertising strategies, possible software additions and etc.

A part of the website is shaped by this stages

Professional team who well know all these stages is ideal during the web site building.

More is much better.

Use the subtitle option!

Thank you for helping us improve


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