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Wedding Scrapbook Layouts-Ideas for Creating New Memories

Updated on January 21, 2011

Whether it is your own wedding you would like to create a scrapbook for, or to design a present for a friend or loved one, you will want to find out which wedding scrapbook layouts are popular and suitable for what you have in mind.

Scrapbooking is a fun and affordable way to give your photos a life of their own. Using a creative layout, you can re-create your day and lay it out on paper for all others to enjoy. Scrapbooking does not have to cost a lot of money with a little help from online resources which could include free page sketches and proper planning.

This page shares with you the importance of creating special themed pages that flow into one main layout. If you are drawing a blank on the order to put your photos in or any ideas for creating pages, this site will offer you some tips.

You can choose to add a little text or a lot of text when designing your pages. Here is a great example of how you can add a full text page into your wedding scrapbook layouts.


Project Center is another great site that offers a variety of wedding page layouts for your scrapbooking. If you would like a simple design or a page with more of a light hearted comical appearance, you can find a suitable choice here.

Choubox Scrapbook Designs

Choubox Scrapbook Designs offers instructions as well as general wedding page layouts for those who are looking to design a big book or multiple books. There is a layout for the pre-wedding plans, the ceremony and the reception.

Source has layout ideas you can use as well as tips for fonts, the best choice of paper for your theme, and other supplies you may need to create a scrapbook others will want to see again and again.


Scrapbooks etc. is another great site that offers free wedding page layouts, tips for taking the best wedding photos from all different angels to provide a unique look for each shot, wedding gift ideas and more.

Scrap 4 Joy

Scrap 4 Joy offers tips on how to add some new dimensions and features to your photos to make them stand out a little more or create a new type of look to go with your wedding scrapbook idea. This site also provides tips and software that will help make your project easier to complete if you are just a beginner. this is a great site if you are looking to create something you would like to share online. You can choose from 100’s of  wedding scrapbook layouts, add your own photos, add your own text, pick out any little extra embellishments to add to your pages, and then you can post the completed scrapbook to Facebook, email it to anyone you like or print it out on your own photo paper. Great fun for all. is another great site that offers layouts that you can copy and print out for your own collection. You can choose your own paper, fonts and more to use with these layouts to create your own unique look.


Scrapbooking offers instructions and ideas for how you can create layouts with multiple pages without making your page appear to crowded or busy as well as the layouts for various other wedding page layouts.

Creating a wedding scrapbook can be an excellent way to capture those memories you cherish for life. With all of the suggestions and tips found in the wedding scrapbook layouts listed above, you should have no problem designing a unique and memorable keepsake for yourself or for anyone else you plan to surprise with one.


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