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Well, kiss my....grass?

Updated on June 21, 2010

Here's a lot of grass...don't smoke it!

Sweet summer rain

The grass grew long and slender and intertwined into itself as the sun betrothed it rays of lights to every inch of their blades.

They caressed each other softly with every hot breath of wind.

Then darkness covered this lawn of love. The clouds, the dark grey lumps of drink in the sky began to weep.

The green and brown arms reached as high as they could as life fell for life to renew and quench the thirst for existence.

Dancing, they looked up to the to the honeyed drops of growth to savor its sweet kisses.

The clouds receded into the sky to unveil it's light blue vigor and slept until another chance for rejuvenation.

Drops of drizzle still weighing on their limbs fold smaller blades into submission until the wet rolls down to the base of the grass lifting their arms once again towards the sun soaked sky.

                                                                                              By: mikielikie


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    • profile image

      Valerie Viclock 7 years ago

      I love the way you give life to everyday grass. You are so blessed to see life in everything you come across. I am so proud of you:-)

    • profile image

      Alan Victory 7 years ago

      WOW!!! Amazing poem bro! It's almost like I'm sitting in the grass watching it all happen. It takes me back home. You should be a photojournalist.

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 7 years ago from Galveston, TX

      I love how you bring all the things to life, that people often for get....great hub!! your a great photographer mikielikie