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What Are Guitar Pickups?

Updated on May 30, 2015

What are guitar pickups?

Guitar pickups are simply microphones (transducers for you,"educated players") that "pick up" or "sense" the vibrations of the strings of your electric guitar. They convert the vibrations into sound that can be boosted with an amplifier. The "quality" of the sound produced depends on how well they are made.

The reason we have more than one guitar "Pickup Manufacturer" is because each one claims to be able to do it better. Some do and some don't.

What are guitar pickups made of? The original guitar pickup, most likely German made, was--and still is, made of magnetic steel poles on the inside all wound with thin copper wire on the outside.

What am I looking for as a guitar player? Simply this--a pickup with a good clean signal is all you need.

Bottom line is that the pickup is the first in line for producing what comes out of your amp speaker. However--there is no substitute for being a great guitar player.

Posted by Rick Mariner

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

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