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What Does Photography Mean To You?~A Personal Perspective

Updated on December 17, 2014

Photography As A Hobby

This was originally a post I brought over from Howwwl and intended for my blog. The photo posted is one I took at a place near my home in North Carolina and has since been torn down.

The dictionary definition is the process of taking and processing photographs. Miriam Webster defines it as ‘the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (as film or an optical sensor)’. This blog offers a good outline of photography. The Photographer Blog.

But photography is so much more than the dictionary definition. It's an art within itself. It has soul. The right camera with the right person can produce photos that look like a painting with a little photoshop thrown in. I personally am not a fan of photoshop software. I prefer putting my pictures out in the raw. If I don't like the photo then I simply retake it until I produce something I like.

Photography is creative expression and no two people can create the same expression. It is an articulation of what's around them and what they feel at a particular moment in time. I can take a picture and go back months or even years later and remember exactly how it made me feel at that point in time. Usually it is a good feeling and at any time I can look at a past photograph and remember how good I felt but sometimes it is associated with sadness or other emotions. It is unique to each and every person and is not just about capturing a picture but seizing the emotion in that moment. Pictures can capture your life, your business, your emotions or just what you like at any given time and think it would make a good picture.

Once you get into photography you realize it shapes your life in a different way. Instead of seeing your life in words alone you have pictures to back it up. I've only been in to photography for five years and recently lost thousands of photos I had stored on an external hard drive. That was a bad day for me. I still have a few thousand from my travels over a year and a half and have since started taking new photos and going back to places nearby and recapturing some of the pictures I lost but nothing will give me back the picture at that particular moment.

It can take awhile to really produce good pictures. Fortunately, I liked almost every picture I took and unbelievably started with an old Fuji I'd had for ten years but had never used for more than taking pictures of items I was listing on ebay. I only bought it because it had the macro feature which back in the day was just getting started. Other than that the camera just sat and collected dust when I wasn't photographing something for ebay until one day I started using it for more than ebay listings. I loved that camera and used it a long time until the sensor got a speck on it and I bought another camera. And another and another. I personally have always been a Fuji fan but intend one day to try Canon just for the heck of it.

In the time I've been taking pictures I've taken in excess of 25,000 photos. It takes time to improve your photography and having the most expensive camera out there doesn't guarantee you will take good photographs. In fact, I read somewhere that a good photographer can use a cheap camera and still capture great photographs.

It's also important to know what to share and what not to share. Some pictures aren't worth putting online or showing anyone. Pictures I don't like I immediately delete. I've always shared my photos online mostly via my blog and some on facebook. Recently, my therapist and a friend suggested I try to get some of my photography accepted at galleries. I dislike that idea because I'm not interested in trying to sell my photos or making it a career. I love it as a hobby and want to keep it that way. Here are two good posts on photography and how it can improve your life: 10 Ways Photography Can Change Your Life and 54 Reasons Why You Should Be A Photographer.

Personally, I prefer to go on photo drives as opposed to walks but often end up on walks when I find a town and walk through downtown. This can offer many interesting photographs and things to see. When I started travelling my camera was one of the things I would not leave home without. I might not have enough clothes but I had my cameras and they were the most important things to me. They aided and guided me as I found many beautiful places and things to photograph. I love to hear the click of the shutter as I photograph something interesting and make a mental note of the place in my mind.

My life now doesn't allow me to travel to far away places like I used to but I still try to set aside time every week or two to go on photography drives.

One way of sharing your photos is to start a 365 day project and that is taking a picture each day and posting it. There are several sites for that. I actually started mine on my blog but I couldn't keep up with it and abandoned it. I'm currently getting ready to start a new blog to feature some of my photography(nature photos) that I don't put on my main blog Urbankish which has pictures of abandoned houses and haunted places.

Photography can and does push you. It pushes you to get out and walk. It pushes you to explore new places, meet new people, realize how blessed your life is and can lead to having a diary of your best pictures. In my opinion, photography is one of the best hobbies a person can choose.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is a way to relax and entend myself. And to capture all of the beauty and differences around me. It can be very therapeutic. I first started roughly five years when my husband(now ex) suggested I start photographing all the places I visited that were supposedly haunted. That too is one of my passions. I soon ran out of haunted places and moved to abandoned houses. From there I moved to nature and animals when I got a better camera and it hasn't stopped. I find something new to photograph all the time. I now have a camera for each thing I photograph. Abandoned houses, nature and animals, signs and interesting things I find. I've yet to move to food and people but I would like to.

Photography is much better than trying to describe something. And it most definitely can motivate you to push your limits.

What do you like about photography and what does a good picture mean to you?


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